Spotlight App

In the present, all things are digital, and there are apps for every service, including apps that perform calculations to applications to process payments. We download a variety of applications. Thanks to an easy tool known as”the Spotlight search. This tool is designed to make life simpler and more efficient. Our goal is to make … Read more

How to Send Videos Without Losing Quality

It’s never been more straightforward to make astounding substance, essentially with regards to the specialized side of things. We can now record fantastic 4K videos on our telephones, alter them on the web, and offer them in a split second via online entertainment. With regards to conveying a gigantic video cut over the web – … Read more

Disable moisture detected

Sometimes the alert shows by fault, and we need to disable moisture detected, to remove the annoying notification of “moisture detected” see the full article. Users may simply resolve the dampness spotted in the USB terminal glitch if users possess the Samsung Galaxy S series, A version, or Note Series smartphone. Surprisingly, Samsung elevated mobile … Read more

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls?

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls? It’s a very common problem with smartphones, sometimes it just refuses to make a call for no apparent reason. Not only making calls but also receiving calls, which is the last thing we want. Nowadays, we get important calls related to work or personal life … Read more

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

For a few days, I have been experiencing a lot of lag on my Samsung TV. Also, I wanted to install a new application that just got released on the Apps page of the Samsung Smart TV. But, I didn’t have much space on it. This was weird for me as I didn’t install many … Read more

CPU Fan Error: What it is and How to Fix It

Are you facing CPU Fan Error? And having a lot of trouble due to this? Same here I was a few days ago. My PC fan stuck due to some reason which I search a lot. And thanks to technology, every problem has its solution, finally, I fixed it. What about you! Here I am … Read more

How to fix screen flickering in Android

Android Smartphones likewise have interesting equipment capacities. Google’s OS makes it conceivable to eliminate and overhaul your battery or to supplant one that no longer holds a charge. Likewise, Android Smartphones accompany SD card spaces for expandable capacity. In spite of so many advanced features, Android phones flicker sometimes, Which makes a user frustrated, it … Read more

Cast Samsung Phone to Samsung TV

The world has advanced leaps and bounds owing to the benefits of technology. It has witnessed a drastic revolution and rapid advancements in the field of science. It has transformed the way we experience the virtual world. Smartphones have become smarter than they used to be. The most basic televisions have transformed into smart TVs … Read more

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