I forgot my Apple ID password

If you are someone who owns an iPhone then you should know this problem. You must understand that the key to every Apple system is the Apple ID. Firstly, the Apple ID is one of the most important things to exist in the Apple ecosystem. Multiple feedback systems allow Apple Id to be the sole … Read more

How to share location on iPhone?

It is useful to be able to share locations, but how to share location on iPhone? You can easily share your location on your iPhone to enable your dear ones to keep track of your locations, whether you are attempting to let someone monitor you in live time as you find your way to a … Read more

Hidden apps on iPhone

Are you wondering if there are hidden apps on iPhone that you are not able to see? Or maybe you are suspecting that someone installed a malicious app. In this article, we are going to see how you can find it. Along with it, we will also see some apps which are hidden on your … Read more

How do you backup iPhone data?

Making a backup of your iPhone data is a worthwhile time investment. Before upgrading to the newest iPhone. Updating to iOS 15.4, or making arrangements in the event that your iPhone is stolen or lost, you should make a backup of your important photographs, videos, and text messages.  Spend a few minutes now to avoid … Read more

How to factory reset your iPhone?

So, you are able to decide which method is best for you after we walk you through each of the situations you might need to restore your iPhone to factory settings. How to factory reset your iPhone? The good news is that iPhone faults are uncommon and usually manifest themselves at or near the end … Read more

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