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How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden

Did you hide apps on your iPhone and aren’t able locate them? Do you want to know how to remove apps from your iPhone that are obscured or that you are unable to locate? Find the best four methods for doing this. Privacy is one of the most important aspects when you use an iPhone. There are times when you don’t want anyone to see your iPhone’s content. It could be an app that allows you to communicate, such as WhatsApp or an application for social media such as Instagram.

If you are a regular user of leaving your phone unlocked for a prolonged period of time, you might need to reconsider your privacy-related actions. The absence of a safe-guarding system for your iPhone could result in an exposure of private information. Even if it’s not as severe as data security threats or privacy security breaches.

Sometimes, you don’t want others to know about the apps you’re using on a regular basis. If you’ve got a child who plays with your phone looking for games similar to mine does, you might want to be thinking about the possibility of hiding certain apps. How can I delete apps on iPhone that are not visible.

How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden
How to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden

Luckily, Apple has introduced in iOS 14 the app library. With the launch to App Library App Library, users can remove programs from the Home Screen. Amazing isn’t it. It is possible to utilize this feature to its fullest and even hide certain important apps from the home screen. But what happens if you decide to remove these apps? What are the best way to locate them? Where do you look for them in order to delete them?

In this article, we will explore this issue in in depth. We will give you four incredible steps to follow on how to find the hidden applications on your iPhone and also how to remove them easily. Let’s look at the details on this.

What is an App Library?

Before we go on we should learn more about App Library. App Library. The App Library is a new feature added with iOS 14 which was to ensure that all your apps are organized in one location. This allows you to gain fast access to all of your apps you love in a snap. The App Library organizes the app not alphabetically or by storage size, but instead by categories such as Suggestions, Recently Added, Creativity Social, Utilities and more.

This will help you to have an orderly arrangement of your applications based on your preferences. Not only is it already organized as established orders. They are as well designed to be arranged according to your needs. The apps you enjoy or you frequently use will be displayed in the middle of the display within Suggestions. It is possible to create folders within your App Library and then arrange them in accordance with your preferences. It has a helpful search bar to aid you in the quick finding of your apps if you’re in a rush. Also, It is possible to drag and drop applications from your App Library to your preferred home screen whenever you’d like.

Since the launch, iPhones were equipped with the capability of hiding pages or apps. It allows you to remove all your app icons from home screens of an iPhone. You could opt to do this when you’d like to remove the apps aren’t used on the main screen. In order to make your navigation flow more fluid and quick. You may also opt to use this feature if you’d like to keep them away from the eyes of anyone who sees your iPhone.

How do I conceal my applications?

Can you hide apps on the iPhone? So let us explain how to quickly hide apps you don’t want to appear on the iPhone’s home screen. There are two methods of concealing your apps from your home screen. You can conceal entire pages or just hide individual app from being displayed on the main screen. Let’s look at both ways to hide the app from home screens

For Individual Applications:


  1. Locate the app you would like to hide from your home screen.
  2. Hold the button and then press the icon for the app until you see a pop-up window appear.
  3. Choose “Remove Application” in the menu “Remove App” tab inside the menu.
  4. Click onto the “Remove from Home Screen” tab.
  5. The app should be removed off the Home screen, and accessible on the App Library.

This will remove the specific application off the main screen, however it remains within the App Library. It is possible to look up the app and it will appear on the app library. If you’d like to retrieve the app again, you can drag it and drop it into to the App Library.

For Complete Pages


  1. Organize all apps you wish to keep off in a single area that is your screen home.
  2. Hold and press the empty portion of the home screen until the apps begin shaking.
  3. Simply click the dot under the main screen.
  4. The thumbnails of pages on the home page will be displayed with checkmarks underneath them.
  5. Uncheck the pages you wish to block.
  6. Click twice on a space to confirm your selection.

This will conceal the whole page where you’ve saved all the apps you wish to hide. This technique can be used to hide multiple pages as well as accessing the App Library quickly. If you’d like to access the apps back, you can drag them and drop them back into the library, or review them using the thumbnails.

How to remove applications on iPhone that are secret

After you have hidden the apps, and then removing the apps from your sight, you may decide to erase them since they aren’t useful for you any more. They may also take storage from of your iPhone and that is always great idea to take. Let’s take a look at various ways to eliminate the hidden apps off your iPhone:

Method 1. Eliminating an app that is hidden from the Spotlight section of your iPhone

Spotlight is the fast access menu that iPhone offers to accomplish the task quickly. It is very easy to make use of the spotlight to remove applications from the iPhone. We will walk through the steps to follow on how you can utilize the spotlight to remove an app that is hidden:


  1. From your Home screen , swipe down with your fingers on the middle of your screen.
  2. A Spotlight quick access menu will be available with search bars located at the top.
  3. Find for the app’s name to find the application.
  4. The app you are searching for will show up when you press and hold in the program until you see a pop-up appear.
  5. Go to “Delete” in the “Delete App” tab and then click “Delete” in the pop-up window that opens.

Following the steps below, you can effortlessly delete hidden apps on your iPhone using Spotlight. Spotlight feature. This is the most efficient and most efficient method to remove any app, or hidden app. In some cases If it’s not working, it is possible to try alternative methods listed below.

Method 2. Eliminating an app that is hidden out of your Settings of your iPhone

The Settings app is where you can find the list of all apps you’ve downloaded on your iPhone. Even if you’ve removed applications from home screens, these will be available on the iPhone storage within the Settings app. We will walk through the steps to follow so that to use the settings app to erase the hidden application from your iPhone.


  1. Start the Settings app on the main screen.
  2. Scroll down until you can are able to see your “General” Tab. Select it.
  3. Select “iPhone Storage” tab in the General menu.
  4. There is a listing of the apps installed on your iPhone. Select the app you would like to eliminate and then click it.
  5. Within the app’s information In the app details, click “Delete app” in the details. Then confirm your deletion.

This is the way you can effectively remove your hidden apps by using settings in the Settings app. This is a guaranteed and last method of getting rid of the hidden apps. Note you will notice that the iPhone Storage menu can take some time to display all apps since they take time to calculate and determine the total storage. You should also take note of how much storage obtained after deleting the app that was hidden.

Method 3. Eliminating an app that is hidden out of the App Library on your iPhone

Let’s look at the methods that will take you returning to the basics. You now are aware of how to block your apps, and where to find them in App Library, you can find them on App Library. It is also possible to utilize to use the app Library to remove the apps. The apps that are hidden are available in App Library. App Library. The app should be accessible in the folders of your library. You’ll need to find the app using the library since you won’t be able to search using the search bar located within the App Library to remove the application.

Why? You might ask. You’ll notice that the search bar within the app library differs from the one found in Spotlight. It doesn’t allow you to perform any additional pop-ups, such as deletion of the application. If you type in the name of for the hidden app using the App Library search bar and it is displayed in the results, however, you won’t be in a position to change anything about it, other than to open the app, or switch it to your home screen.

If you’re still wanting to search using the search bar, you can switch it to your home screen, and remove it from there. Once it’s removed, let’s go through the steps for removing any hidden apps out of the App Library on the iPhone. Deleting a hidden app from the App Library of your iPhone.


  1. On the home screen on your iPhone move left until you reach the library of apps.
  2. Find the app hidden that you wish to remove.
  3. Press the app for a long time and a pop-up window will open.
  4. Click “Delete App” and then press the “Delete Application” button and confirm the deletion with a click.

This will remove the app hidden from the App Library, and be removed completely from the iPhone.

Method 4. Eliminating a hidden app off the App Store on your iPhone

If you’ve got apps in the app store you have hidden for the last few months , but are now receiving unnecessary updates that you don’t wish to receive, you can apply this method to delete them very quickly. This will allow you to delete these apps with ease. We will walk through the steps on how you can remove any hidden app out of the App Store on your iPhone:


  1. Access the App Store on the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Go to your Profile. Scroll down to see all of the Updates.
  3. If you’ve recently updated the hidden app, then you can search for the app within the “Updated Recently” sections. Also, look in for the “Updates” section to locate the application.
  4. If you locate the application, then move it to your left, and there will be a delete button appear.
  5. Click on it, and confirm the deletion by pressing the delete button.

This way you’ll be able to eliminate any hidden apps that are in your app store, that you’ve recently updated or been updated recently.


If you’ve read this piece, I am sure you’ll be able eliminate all the applications you might have concealed quickly and without difficulty. If you have any problems related to this subject, then check out these Frequently Asked Questions provided below to answer your questions.


Can the “hidden” apps be deleted off my phone?

No Hidden applications aren’t deleted out of your iPhone and can be found inside the App Library as well as the iPhone Storage of Settings app. If you want to delete the app in order to free up storage , then we recommend to consider removing the app off your iPhone.

Does anyone look up and locate my hidden applications?

Yes but the hidden feature on iOS isn’t as sophisticated as Android and is not to be very beneficial. It’s possible to hide it to the naked eye, but when you search for it, the app will be located.

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