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Dark Souls Remastered Controller Not Working-How to fix?

The release of Dark Souls Remastered has reignited the passion amongst gamers across the globe. The epic fantasy games, synonymous with a rich, immersive narrative, has, however, left some users grappling with a glitch that leaves their gaming controller dysfunctional. Many have reported that their Dark Souls controller is not working, which interferes with the optimal gaming experience. This article takes a deep-dive into understanding the issue and offers effective solutions to ensure you enjoy every moment of your cherished gaming marathon.

Understanding the Issue

To begin with, let’s understand that the Dark Souls Remastered controller not working issue has multiple dimensions. For some, it’s a matter of the game not recognizing the controller, while for others, specific buttons or components have ceased to function effectively. Based on various online forums and customer feedback, this issue has been commonly reported by both console and PC gamers, presenting a challenge in the seamless interaction with the game’s elaborate environments.

Investigating the Problem

One key aspect necessary to address this technological conundrum is to figure out the circumstances that give rise to this controller glitch. Research reveals that outdated device drivers, incorrect controller settings, controller’s compatibility issues, or even simply the game’s intricate engine might be causing the problem.

How to fix the Dark Souls Remastered Controller Not Working Issue

Now that we have established a solid understanding of the problem at hand, let’s delve into some recommended solutions that can relieve you from this irksome issue.

Keep your Controller Drivers Updated

Outdated device drivers are often found to be at the root of controller-related issues. To mitigate this, you need to ensure that your controller drivers are up to the mark. Check the manufacturer’s web page or use Windows’ built-in tool to keep them up-to-date.

Check Controller Settings

Incorrect controller settings might be get in the way of you enjoying Dark Souls Remastered. Make sure the controller’s input is set correctly in the game’s settings. Also, ensure that you’ve selected the right type of controller in the options menu.

Fixing Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues can cause controller problems as well. For this, you need to identify the version of your game and your controller. In many cases, running the game or Steam as an administrator can help rectify compatibility issues.

Looking Ahead

Despite the occasional glitch, Dark Souls Remastered still reigns as a favorite amongst game enthusiasts. While this article offers an in-depth analysis into the issue of Dark Souls Remastered controller not working and its potential solutions, it’s pivotal to remember that these are systemic glitches that can resolve in due course. In its heart, Dark Souls carries the flame of a riveting gaming experience, and a little tweaking can make it shine through even the darkest of glitches.

Users are encouraged to try the recommended solutions and tweak accordingly, for the magic of gaming lies as much in the experience as it does in overcoming challenges. Meanwhile, continue your quest in the compelling realms of the upgraded Dark Souls, armed with the knowledge of keeping your controller in optimal health.

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