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Downloading messages from iCloud

Many users experience issues downloading messages from iCloud while trying to recover messages stored in iCloud. iCloud can be described as an online storage service for iPhone users. It is accessible to everyone iOS users, however, backing up messages came to existence with iOS 10. All we have to do is enable backing with our Apple account, and then the data is backed up to the cloud regularly. It is among the most reliable platforms as it provides data security and helps to save personal information, and also saves memory space by saving data to the cloud. It is possible to retrieve data in the event that the phone gets lost or when we are purchasing another phone. All we need to do is enable the feature and it will do its job. It makes the process of uploading and downloading a breeze for all devices in that iOS environment.

In some instances we may notice that the process of backing may not be as smooth as it is supposed to be. There could be a problem or the backup data may be lost. One issue that iOS users are currently experiencing downloads of messages downloaded from iCloud becoming stuck. If users attempt to save messages to iCloud and the display is showing the message that they are downloading the messages to iCloud and then getting stuck. This issue is present for those who are new to the platform however the good thing is that there are a myriad of solutions to fix this problem All of these strategies in some way or another aid in making your user experience more enjoyable. We’ll try to figure out how to activate cloud-based services to download messages, and also how to resolve the issue of downloading messages onto every Apple device.

Downloading messages from iCloud

How can I enable the backup of messages in iCloud?

To ensure that our messages are saved, we have to create the environment in the settings of iCloud. Only the cloud can be used to save the messages in the messaging app and transfer it to the cloud. This is a straightforward process, let’s walk through it in case you aren’t sure.

  • You can go to the setting options on your iPhone.
  • Connect your account.
  • In the options list click iCloud.
  • Switch on the toggle next to the app for messages, to allow backup of messages stored on the iCloud.

This will allow the synchronization of all items that are in your Apple account, which means that everything will be synced across all devices connected to the Apple account. If you make changes on one device, the changes will be reflected on the other devices. The other thing to be aware of when trying to backup messages is that syncing messages to iCloud is only accessible from versions running iOS 12, mobile with versions prior to that aren’t compatible, so you must go to settings to find the version on your phone. If your version isn’t compatible, ensure that you upgrade your IOS to backup messages. In the settings then navigate to the update system, look for upgrades and install the updated version to begin.

There’s one thing that users must remember when they attempt to connect to the cloud. The phone shouldn’t be in charge. The Charging phone can stop some functions of the iPhone. Sometimes, the phone will start malfunctioning in a strange way due to this. Downloading and transferring messages to iCloud.

Methods for downloading messages via iCloud?

The procedure you’ve completed above is to back your messages to the cloud. So we now need to learn how to transfer those synced messages from cloud to your phone. You should use the backup feature when you’ve purchased a brand new phone or performed an factory reset. Please let us know how for you to follow in order to download the messages to the new phone.


  • Switch on the settings on your iPhone.
  • Utilize your Apple account details to sign into the iPhone If you’ve completed your factory reset.
  • Make your Apple account in case you’re brand new IOS user.
  • Once you’ve completed the initial procedure after which you’ll be presented 3 options to choose from: setup as a new device backup data from iCloud and backup your data using iTunes.
  • Select cloud, and then sign in using an iCloud account.
  • The entire list of backups that are available on iCloud will be shown to you, if you’ve back up your messages that data will be on one of them.
  • Click it to save the data of your messages, based on the size of the data. The phone may take a while to download all of your messages.


There are numerous other third party programs that can perform the same function, they do not just backup the data but are also useful to restoreor transfer data between OS from one OS to another. Applications such as Dr.Fone is a handy device that handles all such situations. Connect your device to the site on your PC, and from the choices available, choose the backup option. It will back up all of your device’s data and save it to the cloud of your device. When you purchase an additional device or performing the factory reset on your old device connect it to the computer once more, and you will be able to login to your account through this platform to download your information into your device.

How do I solve the issue of downloading messages from iCloud that are stuck?

If you’re experiencing any problem download messages via iCloud Try these tricks to solve the problem of downloading.

1. You can force restart your iPhone

The most basic and effective option is to reboot your phone. Switch the phone off, wait for a few seconds , then switch it back on. This will fix the internal issues in the software and provides the OS with the chance to start over. It is not possible to do this with the internal features; we must utilize the combination of the volume and side buttons on the latest phones or the Home button on older models. The way to do this differs from one phone to another. This could fix the abnormal function of iCloud. A restart erases the previous memory of all operating apps and allows the phone to run seamlessly.

Make use of the combinations until the apple logo is displayed that confirms the shutdown. Then, after some time, apply the same method to turn the phone on. Power cycles can perform the same thing, there is a button to reboot within your control center or phone’s settings, this will turn off the phone for a couple of seconds and then power it up completely by itself.

2. Restart the iCloud Messages

Try restarting the cloud service again This will restart the connection, which could aid in resolving the problem. What you need to do is to disable and then enable the toggle for the messaging app on your iCloud account. The steps to complete the process are as follows.

  • Make sure to change Settings on the iPhone.
  • Click on your account.
  • Go to the cloud account to view the list of apps that use cloud services.
  • Visit the messages, then turn off the toggle, and then restart it to reboot the connection.

This process may take some time as iCloud is required to backup all data in the Messages app to the cloud.

3. Set the iCloud account

Another way to fix the downloading issues in the iCloud problem. To resolve the issue, we have to log off and sign into your Apple account. This is done by with your Apple ID, but we can’t alter the E-Mail associated to the iCloud account, as it is synced with our Apple account. All you have to do is to use the credentials associated with your account to leave the device.

Log out of this device

  • Make sure to change Settings on the iPhone.
  • Click on your name.
  • If you scroll down towards the end of the screen, you’ll see the option to log out.
  • Click it and then confirm it by entering the passcode.

Log in with your Apple ID:

  • Open the Settings App for your iPhone.
  • Click Add Account in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Log in to your device by using the Apple ID credentials.
  • Switch on the iCloud service and try downloading messages from iCloud.

4. Verify your Wi-Fi Network Settings

If you’re downloading anything in the cloud you’ll need an internet connection that is reliable. If your network is not strong or there’s a problem with your internet connection, the download may not go seamless and will get stuck downloading the iCloud data. Because of a poor connection, nothing is in sync, and the download is delayed. If we restart the network connections, we will be able to reconnect and the issues will disappear.

  1. The settings are available of the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the section on reset.
  3. Tap on Reset All Networks.

You’ll need to enter the passcode for your phone to confirm the action. It is important to keep in mind one aspect before we reset all network settings that all passwords for the network will be lost and we must remember to enter them again.

5. Force Restart Messages App

The same thing happens when we restart the device. All we have to do is delete the messaging app from the recently installed apps and then reopen it. If you’re using older versions, tap the button for home to open the most recent applications. Double-tap it. In the latest versions, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the middle to access the most recent applications. Press the Messages app, then swipe it up to get rid of it. Reopen it after some time and then try to do the backup.

6. Check for iCloud Maintenance

In the event that iCloud is in the maintenance phase, then we will not be able download the messages since everything will not be synced. Apple occasionally utilizes this feature to address software issues that affect the applications and features. Make sure that the cloud is in maintenance prior to starting the backup. This can be done by visiting the Apple System Status Page. If maintenance is going on you should wait until it’s done and try again. If you are unable to get it to work then force restart your device and try again.

7. Utilizing a third-party app to solve the problem

It is possible to use third party software and applications like Tenorshare reboot to fix the issue without having delete our personal information and installed apps. These apps include some tools for recovery that can detect the issue, and then select the appropriate software to install into the system to resolve the problem. There are a variety of third-party appsavailable, but you need to make sure you are aware of which you’re using. Third-party apps may contain an external program, which can make your phone behave in a strange way.

To accomplish this, we may have to follow a few steps

  • Step 1: Start by going through the Tenorshare ReiBoot home page in your web browser. You will look up a list of problems it could solve. go through them and choose your issue, in this instance it’s downloading messages from iCloud. You must connect your phone to begin the process.
  • step 2: To fix the problem of downloading messages from iCloud stuck problem Download the app onto your computer. Launch the app and click to the fix now button to view the options available to choose the iPhone model. In the menu, choose that model for your iPhone and then tap OK.
  • step 3: Once you’ve chosen your model iPhone and the software you want to download to fix the issue, you will must join your iPhone and your computer with a USB cable to ensure that they are able to establish an connection. Force restarting your phone to place it in its recovery mode. The charging symbol on the screen, as we begin the process. On the site or in the app , you’ll see the fix button. Click it to begin downloading the latest software.
  • step 4: The application will try to find the issue. The app will recommend the best solution to fix the problem. It is possible to use the app through the web browser or use it via the application, both of which are compatible for the devices. However, the interfaces are slightly different when using the browser, you will need to select repair now to access the list of issues.

Installing and downloading the latest software takes only a few minutes, and after that you can restart the phone and look for changes. The entire process will take approximately 30 minutes and so, be patient.

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8. Factory Reset

The most important thing to attempt is the factory reset as there is a risk of losing personal information. If the data is stored in the cloud, we are able to retrieve it through this procedure. This also solves the download messages related to an iCloud issue. One important thing to be aware of is that all the functions in iPhone iPhone are defaulted. It is also necessary to make this change on each device since we do not be aware of which device needs an initial reset. All we have to do is access the settings, then go until the option for factory reset. Then confirm the reset by entering the passcode, if asked. Restore the cloud data and you should not have to deal with the problem again.

Here are a few ways we can solve the problem of downloading of messages from iCloud stuck. If you find this post useful, please share it with your colleagues who have similar issues. If you want to learn additional iPhone techniques and suggestions, go to TrickyFreaky.

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