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Electric Recliner Not Working-How to fix?

Imagine sinking back into your favourite seat after a long day, pressing the button of your electric reclainer expecting it to luxuriously transport you into a comfortable position. But, it doesn’t respond – it fails! The relaxation you sought evaporates and frustration takes its place. Such situations are more common than you might think. Electric recliners are wonderful pieces of furniture when they’re functioning correctly, but when they don’t, understanding how to fix an electric recliner not working becomes crucial.

The Common Causes of Electric Recliner’s Failure

Malfunctions in electric recliners are typically caused by a handful of common issues. These can include a disconnected or compromised power supply, defective motor, a problematic transformer, or a faulty hand control. Some recliners have reset buttons that can trip, causing the recliner to cease functioning. Incorrect assembly can also be a culprit. Key is to understand the problem first so that you adopt the right remedy.

The Power Source

When your electric recliner is not working, the first spot to check is the power supply. Ensure that the outlet is functioning. You can confirm this by plugging in another device and checking if it works. Furthermore, inspect the power cord for any signs of damage, such as fraying or cuts. If you discover any issue with the power cord, replace it immediately to not only fix your recliner but also prevent any potential electrical hazards.

The Motor and Transformer

A defective motor or transformer is another potential cause behind your electric recliner not working. In such cases, you might need to replace the offending component. Bear in mind, this task often requires both mechanical know-how and comfort working with electrical components. If you possess these skills, replacing these parts can be a weekend project. Otherwise, it might be wiser to hire a professional.

Hand Control Issues

From time to time, the problem lies with the hand control of the electric recliner. The buttons could be worn out or the internal wiring might have come loose. Inspect the control for visible signs of wear and tear. If you find any, you might need to replace the control unit. Most manufacturers offer replacement units, making this a relatively simple fix.

Reset Button or Incorrect Assembly

If your electric recliner features a reset button, check to see if it has been tripped. Often, a simple reset can get your recliner back into working order. Incorrect assembly can also cause your recliner to malfunction. If you have recently assembled or moved your recliner, ensure that all the components are securely fitted and connections are properly made.

Although the above tips aid in diagnosing and fixing the issues, regular maintenance of your electric recliner can prevent these problems in the first place. Cleaning your recliner, checking the cords and buttons regularly, ensuring the power supply is secure, and giving the motor a break from constant use can prolong its life.

In an era where a significant number of people are spending much more time at home, the comfort and relaxation an electric recliner offers shouldn’t be undervalued. When you encounter issues with your recliner, don’t panic. A bit of basic troubleshooting can often unveil the problem and even provide a solution, turning a potential inconvenience into a gratifying fix-it-yourself project. How to fix an electric recliner not working may soon become a feather in your DIY hat!

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