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Discord Fatal Javascript Error- How to fix?

Discord has taken the gaming community by storm. It is one of the most popular applications used by a community to communicate and coordinate, particularly in the gaming industry. However, the increased use of the app, and its popularity, have also seen a rising number of technical glitches that need to be fixed. One of the most frequently encountered problems is the notorious Discord Fatal Javascript Error. But fear not ‒ this article will ease your worries by providing solutions for fixing this issue.

Understanding Discord Fatal Javascript Error

Discord is a widely-used platform that relies heavily on Javascript for its functionalities. Therefore, an error in Javascript can affect Discord’s performance. The Discord Fatal Javascript Error often occurs due to corrupted files, improper installation, or outdated system software. The error disrupts communication, hindering users from interacting or gaming with friends across the globe.

The Consequence of the Fatal Error

Once the Discord Fatal Javascript Error occurs, it prohibits users from accessing the application. Therefore, it becomes vital to identify ways to fix the problem promptly lest it affects your gaming performance. The common implications include loss of chat history, inability to communicate with team players during games, and, in worst-case scenarios, you may be unable to use Discord altogether.

Strategies to Fix Discord Fatal Javascript Error

Here are some potential troubleshooting methods that could help resolve this error:

Reinstall Discord

Reinstallation is one of the most effective solutions, as it eliminates any corrupted files that potentially cause the error in Discord. Uninstalling the application from Control Panel, deleting associated files, and then downloading and installing it again from the official website often solves the problem.

Whitelist Discord in Antivirus Software

Antivirus platforms occasionally misinterpret Discord files as potential threats, resulting in a fatal error. Whitelisting Discord in your antivirus software settings might resolve this issue.

Update System Software

Running Discord on outdated system software can also lead to a fatal Javascript error. To fix this, ensure that your system software is updated to the latest version. It could be as simple as updating your Windows or Mac operating system.


In conclusion, the Discord Fatal Javascript Error, while frustrating, can be resolved. This error, like many others, might seem intimidating at first. However, solutions are available to rectify the issue and revert the application back to its supposed smoothly running condition.

Final Thoughts

Facing technical issues like the Discord Fatal Javascript Error is a common occurrence for any software or application. Solution lies in proactively using techniques to fix these errors and improving our overall user experience. Learning how to troubleshoot the Discord Fatal Javascript Error is a necessary skill for ensuring that this crucial communication platform runs smoothly for the millions of gaming enthusiasts who use it worldwide.

While the solutions mentioned above cater to most users’ issues, if an error still persists, one might need professional help or contact Discord’s support for a more comprehensive fix. The bottom line, it’s more than just gaming – it’s about staying connected and improving our technical skills along the way.

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