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Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes- How to fix?

There’s a unique feeling of dread that comes from finding your washing machine flashing an error code just when you’re about done with the week’s laundry. The Electrolux washing machines are no different. Dealing with error codes can be daunting but with a clear understanding of what these codes mean, and how to fix them, you can turn your laundry day into a smooth, uninterrupted routine.

Understanding the Error Codes

With years of innovation laden in its design, the Electrolux Washing machine is a state-of-the-art appliance. A part of this innovative technology includes self-diagnosis, that manifests in the form of error codes when something is wrong with the machine. These codes are essentially the machine’s way of telling you what the problem is.

Common Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

Error codes E11, E13, and E21 are quite common, usually indicating an issue with water filling, a water leak, or a water draining problem, respectively. Code E35 suggests that the water level in your washing machine is too high due to an influx that’s beyond the machine’s control. Error code E52 indicates a problem with the motor while E58 points to high current to the motor. The EFO error, although not as common, signifies that there’s a leak in the machine.

How to Fix Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

Correctly identifying the issue, based on the error code, is the first step in solving the problem. But knowing how to fix these issues is equally vital. Each error comes with a specific set of steps to follow to resolve it.

Fixing E11 Error Code

E11 indicates a problem with the water inlet process. In most cases, checking the water inlet hose can help you locate and solve the problem. It might be that the hose is bent, thus obstructing the entry of water, or perhaps there’s a kink, or a low water pressure in your area.

Fixing E35 Error Code

To resolve the E35 error code, inspect the machine for leakage. This issue might require an expert’s intervention to properly troubleshoot and fix the underlying problem—like replacing a mechanical valve if it fails.

Fixing E52 Error Code

The E52 error code, which relates to a faulty motor, might necessitate a complete replacement. However, before taking this drastic step, check if the motor is not overheated. Additionally, be sure the cables connecting to the motor are not loose or burnt.

Fixing EFO Error Code

For the EFO error code, first unplug the washing machine and check the discharge hose. It should properly be installed in the drain without being too deep, which might cause water to drain inadvertently.

Taking Care of your Electrolux Washing Machine

While being equipped with the know-how to fix these error codes gives you a sense of control, it’s equally vital to invest in proper maintenance of your Electrolux washing machine. Simple steps like cleaning the machine regularly and avoiding overloading can help prevent such errors from occurring in the first place. In some cases, reaching out to a professional may be the safest way to fix the more technical errors.

When dealing with any of these error codes, it’s important to take a systematic approach. Start with the simpler possible causes before venturing into complex issues, and when in doubt, consult a professional. And remember, don’t let a small error code turn your laundry day into a harrowing experience.

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