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Error Message: Galaxy Watch Manager Keeps Closing /Stopping-How to fix?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, a highly competent addition to the smartwatch industry, sometimes leaves its users frustrated due to an unwelcoming glitch. A recurring error message, ‘Galaxy Watch Manager Keeps Closing/ Stopping’, often interrupts what is otherwise a smooth operation of the device. Instead of enjoying the rich features and unrivaled performance of their smartwear, users have to grapple with untimely shutdowns or unexpected interruptions. While this may sound like a serious problem, it is usually simple to fix, based on the information gleaned from leading tech forums and Samsung’s own knowledge base.

Understanding the Problem: Is it the watch or the app?

Before embarking on the fixing process, it’s crucial to understand the root cause of the issue. Generally, the ‘Galaxy Watch Manager Keeps Closing/Stopping’ message indicates a problem with the Galaxy Wearable app rather than the watch itself. The app, crucial for syncing the watch with your phone and managing its functions, might be encountering issues due to cache congestion, outdated software, or incompatibility issues.

Increasing the incidence of this error, recent research shows that following a major Android update, several Galaxy Watch users reported the frequent occurrence of this problem. In such situations, the updated Android system may require the app to be updated as well.

Basic Troubleshooting: Clear Cache and Data

To sort out the issue, start with the most straightforward solution, clearing the cache and data of the Galaxy Wearable app. Here’s how:
1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Galaxy Wearable.
2. Tap on Storage.
3. Click ‘Clear cache’ followed by ‘Clear data’.

These steps should help the application to function without any hitches. However, if you still find the app crashing, you may need to follow the next steps.

Targeted Solutions: App and System Updates

App updates, often overlooked, can solve many concurrent issues. Developers continuously clean out bugs and improve functionality with these updates. So, ensure your Galaxy Wearable app is upgraded to the most recent version available.

If the problem persists even after an app update, a system update is also an alternative solution. Check for any available system software updates on your phone and make sure it’s running on the newest version.

Ultimate Troubleshooting: Reinstallation

As a last resort, if the issue isn’t solved, consider reinstalling the Galaxy Wearable app. Uninstall the app from your phone, restart the device, then download and install the app from the Google Play Store anew.

Possible Firmware Issues

If none of the above software-based solutions resolve the ‘Galaxy Watch Manager Keeps Closing/Stopping’ error, the problem could be with the Galaxy Watch’s firmware. In this case, contact Samsung Galaxy Support or take the device to a Samsung service center for a diagnostic checkup.

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch offers exceptional features, occasional glitches and technical hiccups aren’t unheard of. Regular software and firmware updates can help negate many such issues. More importantly, the tech community’s collective wisdom often proves useful in resolving even complex predicaments.

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