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Slow Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Wi-Fi 6- How to fix?

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, we all expect our devices to perform at a fast and efficient pace. But when your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which supports Wifi 6, starts to crawl when connected to WiFi, it can be incredibly frustrating. But don’t worry, in this piece we will take a closer look at the issue and provide some proven methods to resolve the problem of Slow Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Wi-Fi 6.

Understanding the Issue

The issue starts when our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE fails to fully utilize its high-speed Wi-Fi 6 feature. Wi-Fi 6, officially known as 802.11ax, is a new generation of Wi-Fi that offers faster speeds and better device management on heavy network traffic. Therefore, slow performance on this connection isn’t something you should ignore.

Common Causes and Fixes

Interference: One common reason the Wi-Fi speed could be underperforming is due to interference from other electronic devices. A fix for this is to move your device away from other electronic gadgets, particularly those that use radio signals.

Router issue: Another common issue could be with the router. Not all routers are compatible with Wi-Fi 6, which might also slow down your device’s internet speed. The simplest fix is to upgrade your router to one that supports Wi-Fi 6. Similarly, periodically updating your router’s firmware can improve connectivity and speed.

Technical Fixes for Your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

While the above fixes are general and can apply to any slow WiFi situations, here are some targeted solutions specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Forcing Wifi 6: By default, the Galaxy S20 FE finds the best possible connection. If you want to force it to use Wi-Fi 6, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi 6 and turn it on.

Reset Network Settings: Sometimes, the simplest solution is to reset the Network setting of your Samsung device. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This action will not delete any personal data, only network settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile data will be reset to default.

Consulting with the Professionals

If your Slow Wi-Fi issue on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Wi-Fi 6 persists after trying these potential solutions, it is time to consult with a professional. You may need to contact Samsung customer support to get a dedicated solution, as the issue could be more complicated and might require a deeper investigation. Or alternatively, you could bring your device to a service center to get properly diagnosed and repaired.

Keeping your Device Updated

Software updates often come with minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Make sure to keep your device informed about the latest Samsung software update to prevent minor glitches that could negatively affect your Wi-Fi speed.

Slow Wi-Fi on a feature-rich phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE might seem like a major inconvenience. However, the silver lining is that there are remedies to fix the issue; ranging from simple tricks like removing interference or resetting network settings to getting assistance from professionals. Remember to always keep your devices updated as software updates often provide solutions to various performance issues including slow Wi-Fi.

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