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Google Play Services Keeps Stopping-How to fix?

For millions of Android users worldwide, Google Play Services is a critical part of their device experience. This system-level app ensures smooth operation of Google apps while controlling updates and offering core functionality like entrance to the latest user privacy settings. However, the message “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” can pose a major disruption in this smooth operation. The message typically indicates a hiccup in the functionality, prompting users to find a quick, effective solution. This article will explore some of the most reliable strategies for getting Google Play Services back on track.

Understanding the problem: “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping”

Before diving into the solution, understanding the nature of the problem is critical. Essentially, “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” is a system error message that decries a sudden crash of the Google Play Services App. It could happen as you use other apps or when you try accessing Google Play Services. Several factors can trigger this error, ranging from outdated versions of the app, bugs or hitches in the system to conflicts with other device applications.

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

This might look overly simplistic, but a quick restart works wonders. Like a quick nap, a restart can refresh your Android device, eliminating temporary bugs and system glitches causing Google Play Services to stop. You simply need to hold down the power button and select the restart function. This initial step should always be your first approach before you delve into more technical Google Play Services fixes.

Fix 2: Update Google Play Services

At times, Google Play Services Keeps Stopping error comes up when you’re using an outdated version of the app. To remedy this, ensure your Google Play Services is up to date. You can check this by going to Google Play Store, then ‘My Apps & Games’ and look at the ‘Updates’ tab. If there’s an available update, running this could potentially fix the error.

Fix 3: Clear Cache and Data for Google Play Services

Cache allows our devices to swiftly get back repeated data, but an overload of cached data can lead to hitches, including Google Play Services stopping error. To clear cache and data, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Services. After that, tap on Storage, then Clear cache, and follow up by managing space and Clear all data. This could provide a fresh start and possibly fix the issue.

Fix 4: Reinstalling Google Play Services Updates

Here’s another useful trick. By uninstalling updates for Google Play Services, you restore the default settings, which could eliminate the underlying problem. To execute this, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Services > Three dots at the top-right corner > Uninstall updates. Afterward, update your Google Play Services to the latest version.

To avoid the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” error, keeping your device’s software and apps updated is crucial. Also, regularly clear cache and unnecessary files to ensure optimal performance. It’s equally important to note that while this error is annoying and inconvenience, regular Android updates and Google’s continuous system enhancement will gradually bring these issues to an absolute minimum.

Seeking Professional Help

If all else fails, consider seeking professional help in troubleshooting. Your device manufacturer’s customer support or a professional at a service center can provide assistance in diagnosing more complex issues. Despite the variance of Android devices, the solutions highlighted above should solve the majority of issues related to Google Play Services. To efficiently and quickly use these potential fixes, always remember that your device experience efficiency starts with your proactive measures.

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