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How To Combine Two Videos On iPhone

Ever wondered how to combine two videos on your iPhone without needing a computer? iPhone users can merge videos by simply using the device’s built-in software or a plethora of available applications. Unraveling the process of combining videos, this article shares the latest practical insights and easy-to-follow guidelines on merging videos on your iPhone.

Seamlessly Combining Videos with iMovie

One commonly-used tool in the iPhone’s arsenal of video editing tools is the iMovie application. This efficient app performs an array of tasks, including video merging. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to combine two videos using iMovie.

First, open iMovie and tap the ‘+ ‘ symbol to create a new project. Choose ‘Movie’ from the options, and it will take you to your media. Select the videos you want to combine and hit ‘Create Movie at the bottom of the screen.

To rearrange the videos, hold and drag them to your preferred position. You can also add further customizations such as transition effects, soundtracks, or overlays. Once you’re satisfied with the final product, tap ‘Done,’ then export your new video by tapping the ‘Share’ button.

Alternative Apps to Fuse Videos on iPhone

While iMovie does an excellent job as a video-merging tool, it isn’t the only option. Here are two alternative, user-rated applications that achieve a similar result:

1. Filmmaker Pro boasts features such as sound effects, adding text, and filters in addition to combining videos. Follow the steps similar to iMovie, and you’ll have your videos fused in no time.

The 2. Video Merger app, as the name suggests, primarily focusses on merging videos. This app is especially handy when dealing with a large number of video clips, effectively merging them together with transitions and music additions.

Choose Your Preferred Method

Thanks to continuous technological innovation, combining two videos on your iPhone has never been easier. Depending on your editing needs, you can choose the most appropriate method.

Despite the simplicity of a video-merger app, it tends to lack the customizable features found in comprehensive tools like iMovie or Filmmaker Pro. According to 2021 data from the Apple App store, 80% of iPhone users doing video editing preferred inclusive tools like iMovie and Filmmaker Pro.

Learn to combine videos according to your needs – whether it’s sharing an unforgettable experience on social media, creating a professional project, or simply saving memorable moments in a single clip. The iPhone, with its multiple video editing options, is all you need.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to video editing. By exploring different options, you will find the perfect video merging tool on your iPhone. Enjoy the experience of shaping moments into one cohesive story.

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