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How to fix Brawl Stars Matchmaking not working?

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile game developed and published by Supercell, is known for its engaging multiplayer battles and versatile character roster. However, some players have recently reported issues with Brawl Stars’ matchmaking system. This article will shed some light on this problem and present some helpful tips to rectify it.

Understanding Brawl Stars Matchmaking Issues

Matchmaking is a critical facet of any multiplayer game, helping to ensure balance and competitiveness by pairing players or teams with comparably skilled opponents. In Brawl Stars, matchmaking is based on the number of trophies a player has. The problem arises when players get stuck in queues, unable to find matches, or when they face opponents of a significantly higher skill level. This scenario often leads to an unenjoyable gaming experience and frustration among players.

While it is widely acknowledged that some of the issues may stem from the game server or traffic overload, it’s helpful for players to familiarise themselves with some potential solutions to alleviate these issues.

Potential Fixes for Brawl Stars Matchmaking Issues

Here are a few suggestions that might help to solve the problem of Brawl Stars matchmaking not working properly. Although these solutions cannot guarantee a complete fix, they may improve the overall matchmaking experience.

1. Checking Internet Connection:

One of the most common reasons for matchmaking issues is an unstable or slow internet connection. Switching to a more stable network, such as from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa, often resolves this problem.

2. Game Updates:

If there’s a pending game update, it could potentially interfere with the matchmaking process. Ensure your game is up-to-date with the latest patches and updates released by Supercell.

3. Reinstalling the Game:

Game files can sometimes become corrupt or outdated, causing issues with gameplay. Reinstalling the game will ensure you have the latest and most stable version.

4. Reporting the Issue:

If all else fails, Supercell recommends reporting the issue directly to their support team. This will not only help them understand the scale of the issue but will also assist them in formulating a comprehensive solution.

Supercell’s Response to Brawl Stars Matchmaking Issue

In response to widespread user complaints, Supercell has acknowledged the matchmaking issue and assured its gaming community that they are diligently working to rectify the problem. They continually encourage their users to keep their game client updated and follow the game’s recommended system requirements closely.

Ultimately, while user suggested fixes may alleviate some of the frustrations, a conclusive resolution to the matchmaking issue in Brawl Stars would have to come from Supercell. In the meantime, players can take necessary steps on their end to ensure a smoother gaming experience and continue enjoying their Brawl Stars adventures.

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