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How to fix league of legends spectate not working?

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as playing League of Legends (LoL), a multiplayer video game with a colossal global following. However, few things can quite as frustrating as encountering the issue of the spectator mode not working. This problem can hinder players from spectating their favorite player’s games or a friend’s round. Today, we dive into a deep exploration of simple ways to fix the League of Legends spectate not working issue.

How to fix league of legends spectate not working?

The Significance of the Spectator Mode in LoL

In League of Legends, the spectator mode serves a critical purpose. It allows the LoL community to watch live games featuring their favorite players or friends. Not only does this tool provide entertainment, but it also enables learners to pick up strategic moves from experienced gamers. Therefore, when the spectate feature is not working, it disrupts this learning process and can be pretty frustrating to the player concerned.

Method One: Clear the Config Folder

One popular method to resolve the League of Legends spectate bug is by clearing the Configuration folder. The issue often arises due to corrupt configuration files, causing the in-game spectate mode not to function as expected. To fix this, navigate to the LoL game directory, delete the config folder, and restart the game. The game will generate new config files automatically, and this could solve the problem.

Method Two: Fine-tuning Internet Connection

Internet issues can be another possible cause of the League of Legends spectate not working phenomenon. As a solution, try resetting your network devices. Turn off your modem and router for at least 30 seconds before turning them back on. On restarting, the devices will establish a new connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), possibly resolving connectivity issues that might have caused the problem.

Method Three: Patch updates

Occasionally, the issue might be due to outdated game patches. Due to the frequent updates that Riot Games releases for LoL, features may not work correctly if players overlook updating their game patches. Regularly updating LoL on your computer could be the surefire remedy to spectate mode malfunctions.

Method Four: Graphics Drivers Update

Less known but equally effective is updating your computer’s graphics drivers. Outdated or corrupt graphics drivers can cause significant problems, including the spectator mode issue. Downloading and installing the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer’s site can help resolve this glitch.

Method Five: Reinstalling the Game

Finally, when all other methods fail, the most fail-proof solution might be reinstalling the entire game. Although this method requires extra effort and time, it can undoubtedly fix the problem if it arises from an intricate issue beyond the simple fixes.

In conclusion, there are several solutions to the League of Legend spectate not working dilemma. By considering these methods, players can efficiently deal with spectator mode issues in LoL and return to enjoying the full game experience or go support.

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