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How to Fix Non-Attacking Enemies in Sujimon Battles

In the thrilling world of Sujimon battles, players are expected to face off against a myriad of foes, each with its unique set of attacks and strategies. However, a peculiar glitch has left many adventurers scratching their heads – enemies that refuse to attack. This issue is particularly prominent during the queen battle, a crucial juncture in the game, where progression is halted because the queen, when it’s her turn, simply does nothing. This problem isn’t isolated to boss fights; it’s also occurring in free roam Sujimon battles, leaving players in a perpetual standstill. If you’re among those stuck in this vexing predicament, fear not. We’ve compiled a set of solutions to help you navigate and resolve this glitch, ensuring your journey through the world of Sujimon is both challenging and uninterrupted.

Non-Attacking Enemies in Sujimon Battles

Follow the steps to fix Non-Attacking Enemies in Sujimon Battles

1. Check for Game Updates

The first and most straightforward step is to ensure your game is up to date. Game developers frequently release patches to fix bugs and glitches, including issues like enemies not attacking. Navigate to your platform’s digital store or the game’s official website to check for any available updates or patches. Downloading the latest update could resolve this issue without any further action needed.

2. Restart the Game

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Try completely exiting the game and restarting it. This can help reset the game’s state, potentially clearing the glitch causing the enemies to freeze during battles. Make sure to save your progress before restarting to avoid losing any advancement.

3. Clear the Cache (Console-specific)

If you’re playing on a console, clearing the cache can often resolve unexpected game behavior. This process varies depending on the console, but it generally involves turning off the console, unplugging it for a couple of minutes, and then restarting it. This action can help clear any temporary files that might be causing the game to act up.

4. Verify Integrity of Game Files (PC-specific)

For those playing on a PC, verifying the integrity of game files through your game platform (such as Steam) can help identify and fix any corrupted or missing files. This process checks that all files are in place and replaces any that are found to be problematic.

5. Contact Support

If none of the above solutions work, it may be time to reach out to the game’s support team. Providing them with details of the issue, your game version, and what you’ve already tried can help them give you a more tailored solution. Game forums and community boards can also be a helpful resource, as other players might have encountered and solved the same issue.

6. Look for Community Patches

Sometimes, the game’s community might have developed a workaround or a patch for issues that the developers haven’t addressed yet. Searching online game forums or communities dedicated to Sujimon might reveal a temporary fix developed by fellow players.


Being stuck in a game due to a glitch like non-attacking enemies can be frustrating, especially when you’re eager to progress and explore new challenges. However, by following these steps, you can potentially resolve the issue and return to enjoying the strategic battles and rich storyline that Sujimon offers. Remember, persistence is key, both in troubleshooting technical issues and in conquering the world of Sujimon. Happy battling!

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