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How to fix palworld slanted roof not working?

With the buzz surrounding the upcoming game Palworld, players have been engrossed in building their dream homes and monuments, only to be jolted by an unexpected issue – a slanted roof that simply refuses to align properly. This has become a common problem for the otherwise smoothly functioning game, attracting a lot of discussions online. But the good news is, the restless players don’t have to wait any longer, as practical fixes have been found for the Palworld slanted roof not working issue.

Understanding the Palworld Slanted Roof Issue

For those not familiar, Palworld is a survival sandbox game that incorporates aspects of Pokemon-like creature collection and civilization building. One of the many features the game offers is building structures, including beautiful houses with stylish slanted roofs. However, players have been reporting that the slanted roof doesn’t seem to work as expected. It either doesn’t fit well into the building or doesn’t appear at all.

The issue can understandably make the gaming experience less enjoyable and has stirred the gaming community with countless forum threads trying to find a workable fix. Some even feared it might be a game bug that the developers need to resolve.

Fixing the Slanted Roof

Now, let’s dive into the process. The fix isn’t necessarily borne out of an update from the developers, but rather insight from the user community who found workarounds that successfully solved the problem. We’ve consolidated these steps for you to overcome the slant roof puzzle and get back into seamless creative mode.

Step 1: Firstly, try repositioning the slanting roof. It might be a simple matter of alignment and orientation. Make sure the roof’s edge is correctly abutting the wall.

Step 2: If the above step didn’t work, try to remove the entire roof structure and then rebuild it. This might correct any error that could have been committed during the first construction.

Community Tips for Construction

It’s important to read the game’s builder’s guide and forum advice closely before beginning construction. In many circumstances, you might not be facing a glitch but simply executing the roof placement incorrectly.

Remember that you need a strong base to support your slanted roof. So, construct your walls first and make sure they are sturdy enough. Once you establish a solid foundation, adding your roof should be a breeze.

Along the same lines, using the correct materials can make a big difference. High-quality materials such as wood and stone tend to offer better support for structures, including slanted roofs.

Waiting for an Official Fix

While these workarounds can help address the ‘Palworld slanted roof not working’ issue, some players are still holding out for an official fix from the developers. As the game is still in its early stages, bugs and glitches are to be expected, and the community’s feedback is essential in getting these resolved.

Following the situation closely, the game’s developers Pocketpair Inc., have acknowledged the issues with the game’s building mechanics and are working towards implementing updates to fix the issue, as seen from their community posts on Steam.

Despite the glitches, players have been largely forgiving, recognizing the expansive and ambitious nature of the game. And until any official fixes are released, these community-generated solutions hold the key to keeping the construction fun flowing in the world of Palworld.

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