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How To Make A Snapchat After Being Banned

Standing on the digital landscape, Snapchat’s presence looms large as a popular platform for sharing pictures and videos that “disappear” after they’ve been viewed. However, enjoying this delightful social media service can come to a halt if you’re unfortunate to get banned. The big question then is, how to make a Snapchat after being banned?.

Why Snapchat Bans User Accounts

Understanding why Snapchat bans accounts can give you an insight into how best to avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the ban. Violation of Snapchat’s community guidelines is often the primary reason behind account suspension. This includes sharing inappropriate content, spamming other users, or attempting to hack the system.

Can A Banned Account Be Restored?

Primarily, you should look at getting your account reinstated. Snapchat outlines the option for users to appeal a ban. In case of a temporary ban, patience might be your best virtue. It generally takes around 24 hours for such bans to be lifted. That being said, permanent bans are trickier and often irreversible.

Making a New Snapchat After Being Banned

When a Snapchat ban becomes a permanent brick wall, creating a new account may seem the only plausible workaround. Although Snapchat’s policy discourages this, it is technically possible. However, remember to use a different email address and phone number for the new account as Snapchat links these to your banned account.

When setting up the new account, ensure your activity aligns with Snapchat’s guidelines. Avoid any behavior that led to your previous ban. This way, you won’t risk getting your new account flagged.

Is Using a VPN a Solution?

Some users resort to using Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to circumvent a Snapchat ban. A VPN can disguise your IP address, preventing Snapchat from linking your new account to the banned one. However, it’s important to note that while this method may provide a temporary solution, Snapchat may detect this activity, potentially leading to another ban. So even while using a VPN, adherence to Snapchat’s community guidelines is crucial.


Ultimately, the key to reinstating your Snapchat experience post-ban is by playing by the rules. Understanding Snapchat’s guidelines, appealing your ban, or creating a new compliant account are the steps on how to make a Snapchat after being banned.

Remember, despite the convenience of the digital realm, it’s imperative for users to respect community guidelines that ensure a positive social media experience for everyone. Now it’s time for you to dive back into the exciting world of Snapchat, enjoying and sharing moments while respecting the boundaries of our digital community.

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