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How to play games on iMessage

Apple’s iMessage can be used to communicate with your iPhone contacts via text, video, audio and images. It’s an amazing app that encrypts data and keeps your chats safe. You can also play games. You can share iMessage games with your family and friends. This is a great way for you to spend quality time with your family and friends. iMessage has many games you can play. Want to find out more? Let’s play some games on iMessage.

What does iMessage mean on my iPhone?

Chatting is an integral part our society. E-mails have long been obsolete. They can be used to communicate with and send messages directly to family members or friends of colleagues. While email is still widely used for official and formal purposes, it isn’t as common as it once was. Chatting is taking the world by storm. It is common to see people using their smartphones to send messages with emojis or funny cat videos.

How to play games on iMessage

It’s one of the fastest methods of communication. It makes it easy to quickly send messages to your contacts. Why would anyone choose to chat instead of email? It all comes down to you.

Your iPhone may have a Messages app that allows you to send and receive SMS messages. SMS messages are great for short messages that don’t require background characters or large multimedia files. Messenger Chat apps are required to communicate with your friends effectively.

You have probably used your iPhone to chat with people. You have a good chance that your contacts are using WhatsApp to communicate. Apple’s own chat app is called the iMessage. It’s an effective alternative to WhatsApp, and safer than WhatsApp.

Apple’s iMessage security compare with other apps

iMessage is a messenger application that can be used on all Apple devices. It allows you send text, documents and photos to other Apple devices. iMessage protects your data and chats with active data protection. All FaceTime chats and Messages are encrypted from the beginning. Apple makes it impossible for any device to intercept or store your chats between sender and receiver.

Unlike WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Apple’s iMessage offers privacy-prioritizing and secure messaging. It’s available in the Messenger app. If you don’t have internet access, the SMS message is sent by the phone. If you do have internet connectivity, then an iMessage can be sent by the device. You can set up a setting to allow you to send iMessages directly as normal SMS messages if you do not have an internet connection. If the recipient is not connected to internet, messages are kept in the server.

It is available on all Apple devices. There are many other features, such as animated stickers and multimedia stickers. You can also use the iMessage app to send more unusual messages such as Digital art and play games. Playing games allows you to send invites to friends. Your friend may then accept the invitation and join you on the Message App.

This feature is one of the best features of the iPhone and it has helped increase its popularity over other messaging app. You must activate iMessage to play with your loved ones before you can start playing games.

How can I enable the iMessage

You now know what iMessage looks like and how to activate it in order to play games. iMessage is activated by default, but if the messages application isn’t sending iMessages to you then you will need enable it manually. We will now show you how to activate iMessage using the Message App of your iPhone.


  1. Navigate to the Settings section of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down until the ” messages tab is visible. Click it.
  3. The “Messages” menu will show a toggle called ” iMessage“. Turn on the toggle.
  4. Open the Messages app from the home screen.
  5. Try to send a message using your internet connection. If it is in a bubble with blue color, then the iMessages are now enabled.

You can now enable iMessage for iOS devices. This allows you to chat and play with your friends.

What is iMessage’s game?

iMessage, the messaging app for Apple devices, is called iMessage. You can send and chat multimedia files to your contacts via iMessage. This feature is not only available, but you can also send invites and play games on the iMessage application. Playing fun games with friends and family is possible if your iOS version is 10 or higher.

iMessage allows you to play a variety games with your contacts. Only if your contact accepts your game invitation, you can play these games together. Once they accept your game invitation, you will get a notification. You can then play turn-by-turn.

After one turn, the notification will go over the iMessage and be sent to your contact. This means that they are ready to play. You can play with them, and you can also chat with each other over the app. You should note that if your contact does NOT have an iMessage, or has an apple device they cannot play games with you. Also, You will need to ensure that they have the latest iOS version.

How to play with your friends on iMessage

Now you are familiar with iMessage games and the factors that are required to play them with friends. Now we will show you how to play with your friends. If your friend declines to play with you, they will no longer be able to do so until they accept. Now let’s see how the iMessage app can be used to play with friends.


  • You can access the Messages App from the home screen on your iPhone.
  • Search for the contact that you would like to play your games with, or use the search bar at the top.
  • Open the keyboard during their chat.

The keyboard will have an App Store option. This is a mini version the App store, which only displays the iMessage app’s extended features. This Appstore allows you to download stickers and animated gifs and play mini-games on chat.

  • Click on Mini App Store, and a menu will appear. Scroll down to find the Games category. You can also find it in the Top Free section.
  • Get the App “Game Pigeon” by clicking on the Top Charts.
  • Go back to your iPhone’s Messages App from the home screen. Open the chat for the contact you wish to play your games.
  • Now, on the Keyboard you’ll see the “Game Pigeon” option.
  • It will open a list of games available for the iMessage App. This is a great way to play games with friends and family.
  • You can choose any game you wish to play with your friends.
  • Send the game to your contact and they will be pleased to accept it.
  • It will display “Waiting to an Opponent”, which indicates that your invitation has been sent. You are now waiting for your friend’s acceptance.
  • Play turn after turn with your friend, when they are your friend.
  • A notification will be sent to you when a turn has been taken. Play your turn.
  • To restart the game, you can hit “Play again” after the game is finished.

You can share a variety of games with your friends. Game Pigeon already offers a variety of games that you can choose from. These are the best games available on your iMessage App.

1. Chess

Chess is one the most popular games and being able to play it via a messaging application is great. You can make a legend out of your army by playing with your contacts via the internet. This is a turn-based game, heavily based on strategy.

2. Darts

It is another classic party game. Darts can be played with a turned-based strategy to wait until your shot hits the bullseye. The game will use a point system based on your tags to determine the winner.

3. Paintball

Paintball is a fun game you can play with iMessage. You can shoot your enemy in a duel fashion and get points depending on how well you hit them. It’s a great way to have fun and show your support.

4. 8 ball

8 Ball is a favorite pool game that’s enjoyed at parties and bars. These can be enjoyed with a rendition via the iMessage App with your friends.


I hope you have understood the iMessage app. how to play classic games with iMessage. This app will let you connect with people you care about if you are a gamer. While playing games on iMessage, make sure you have internet access. Once your turn comes around, wait.

This will allow you to have fun with your family and friends and make the most of your time. It’s a great way to spend quality time together. You can also have these games over a telephone call. This will make your duels much more entertaining and enjoyable. These invites can be sent to anyone with iMessage activated on their iPhone.

To help you understand this topic better, you can refer to the frequently asked question below.


Which are the best ways to use iMessage’s games?

t is best to just wait for each turn. This will allow you to relax and not have to be online constantly.

How can I download games other than Game Pigeon’s?

Yes, you are able to download games to use on iMessage without having to install them. We recommend game pigeon because it offers a large variety of games that you can install without having to install each one individually.

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