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How To Record On Youtube Tv?

In today’s digital age, streaming platforms have become an essential part of our daily life, providing us with endless entertainment options at the click of a button. One such platform that has taken the world by storm is YouTube TV. More than just a video-sharing website, YouTube TV is a robust live TV streaming service that lets you watch and record your favorite shows just like a traditional cable or satellite TV. And recording on YouTube TV is a breeze, as simple as the platform itself. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to record on YouTube TV.

Why Record Shows on YouTube TV?

Before diving into the how-to guide, lets first understand why you might want to record shows on YouTube TV. One of the key features of this service is its cloud-based DVR that offers unlimited storage space. This means you can record as many hours of content as you want and those recorded programs will be saved for nine months. Moreover, you can even record multiple shows at the same time, a functionality that proves to be incredibly useful during prime time.

The Process: How to Record on YouTube TV

Step 1: Start With the Show or Event

The first step to record on YouTube TV is to identify the show or event you want to record. It could be a much-awaited sports event, your all-time favorite TV series, or that movie you’ve been meaning to catch.

Step 2: Add to Your Library

Once you’ve selected the content, simply hit the ‘+’ or ‘Add to Library’ button. This ensures that all future airings of the TV show will be automatically recorded and stored into your library.

Step 3: Access Your Library

All your recorded content can be accessed from the ‘Library’ tab that’s located on the top of the YouTube TV user interface.

Recorded Shows are sorted into different categories in your library: shows, movies, sports, and events. Look for the ‘Scheduled’ tab to ensure your desired shows are queued for recording.

Managing Your Recordings

YouTube TV makes managing your library content an easy task. Recorded but unwatched programs are listed under ‘New in Your Library’. When you’ve viewed a program, it is moved to the ‘Shows’ or ‘Movies’ tab, depending on the content.

It’s worth noting, however, that while the recording capability of YouTube TV is an excellent feature, some limitations are imposed by certain networks or programmers. Some channels might not allow fast forward through commercials, and some sports events are subject to blackout rules.

Further Tips to Enhance Your YouTube TV Experience

Given the depth and breadth of the YouTube TV offering, there are a few other tips that can greatly enhance your experience:

Customize Your Live Guide: You’re not stuck with the default channel lineup. You can arrange the order of channels in your live guide, ensuring your favorite ones are always on top.

Google Family Share: You can share your YouTube TV membership with up to five other family members, giving them their own login, personal library, and simultaneous streaming.

Ultimately, recording on YouTube TV has reimagined the traditional TV recording experience, promising a high-quality, flawless, and personal experience. The ease of use, combined with unlimited storage, allows for freedom of choice, making it a sought-after feature for many YouTube TV users. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, TV-series lover, or movie enthusiast, YouTube TV has got you covered. With all these benefits, now might be the perfect time to dive into the world of YouTube TV and begin recording your favorite shows.

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