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Hulu Error Code 137 Samsung Tv-How to fix?

Whether you’re gearing up to binge-watch the latest season of Hulu’s original shows or you’re merely ending a long day with an episode or two of your favorite sitcom, nothing disrupts your leisure time like seeing a Hulu error code 137 on your Samsung TV screen. Known as a playback failure, this error code can turn your relaxing evening into a frustrating troubleshooting test. So let’s dive deep into the root of this vexing problem and explore reliable ways to troubleshoot it.

What is Hulu Error Code 137?

Error code 137 is not exclusive to Samsung TVs, but it is primarily reported by users using Samsung’s Smart TV to stream Hulu content. This error code is typically accompanied by a message like “We’re having trouble playing this” and it usually indicates a network connectivity issue that causes a so-called playback error. In many cases, this problem can be traced back to various issues like browser-related problems, app caches in outdated versions, or even issues with your internet connection.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 137 on Samsung TV

Before diving into some technical solutions, begin with trying a few simple things. Try restarting your Samsung TV and router, then check if Hulu is experiencing any server-side issues. However, if the error code insists on making its presence felt, then it’s time to attempt some heavy-duty fixes.

Check Network Connection: Good bandwidth and a strong signal strength are essential for Hulu to work correctly. Therefore, start by checking your internet connection and ensuring you’re connected to a high-speed network.

Update Your Hulu App: Running an outdated version of the Hulu app may also lead to error code 137. Hence, it’s crucial to assure that you’re using the latest Hulu version.

Clear Cache: As part of its functioning, the Hulu app accumulates cache and cookies. Over time, an abundance of this stored data might lead to issues like error 137. Therefore, clearing the cache from your app’s settings can also resolve the problem.

Reinstall the Hulu App: If none of the above solutions work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Hulu app. Note that this action would erase all user data and preferences on the app.

Customer Service and Feedback

Hulu’s customer service is also available to help with troubleshooting error code 137 on Samsung TVs. In addition, Hulu values feedback from its customers and actively uses it to improve its service.

It can be exceptionally frustrating to be interrupted mid-stream by error codes. However, with the right understanding and following these steps, you’ll be back to streaming your beloved shows on Hulu without interruptions. Remember, if all else fails, Hulu’s impressive customer service is only a call or click away.

Keeping an Eye Out For Updates

Always keep up-to-date with any updates or patches released by Hulu. These updates often contain fixes to known issues like error code 137. If you have automatic updates enabled, you’re likely to have fewer interruptions in streaming content.

The digital age can be both fulfilling and frustrating for us all. Seasoned tech enthusiasts know the value of being equipped with useful problem-solving knowledge, such as knowing how to troubleshoot error code 137 on Samsung TVs. Getting back to unhindered weekend binge-watching is, after all, a victory worth celebrating!

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