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Instagram Calls Not Working-How to fix?

The ubiquity of social media platforms like Instagram has revolutionized the way we communicate and share our lives. However, technical issues can sometimes impair this experience. A recurring issue is Instagram calls not working, causing a great deal of inconvenience for users. Fortunately, with the right tactics, you can troubleshoot and fix these problems when they arise. Whether your Instagram video calls are failing, or the call option is completely missing, this guide will equip you with strategies to reclaim smooth connectivity.

Understanding the Cause

An undervaluation of the root cause is a typical stumbling block when addressing technical problems. To troubleshoot the issue of Instagram calls not working, it’s important first to understand the potential causes. Instagram designed the video call feature to function optimally on a robust internet connection. Hence, a weak or inconsistent network might be the culprit.

The incompatibility of your device’s operating system or an outdated Instagram version could be potential reasons too. Lastly, some users may have tweaked their Instagram settings, inadvertently disabling the call feature, without realising it.

Fixing Network Issues

If “Instagram calls not working” is an outcome of network errors, start by checking your internet connection. You could try toggling back and forth between WiFi and mobile data to see if one of these network sources is causing the problem. Alternatively, restarting your router or resetting your network settings could potentially fix the issue. However, remember to take note of your current network settings before making any changes.

Updating Instagram and Device’s Operating System

The Instagram call feature is a relatively new addition to the platform and thus, may not work correctly on outdated versions of the app. This possibility is the same for devices with outdated operating system versions. Therefore, ensure your Instagram app is the most recent version- visit the app store or Google Play store and check for upgrades. Similarly, make sure your device’s operating system version is up-to-date.

Examining Instagram Settings

Sometimes the Instagram video call feature might not work if your account’s settings are not aligned properly. Check if you have accidentally disabled video chat. To do this, go to your profile, tap on the three lines in the top right, select “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and finally “Messages.” Under “Connections,” ensure that “Allow Video Chats” is turned on.

Contacting Instagram Support

If you’ve tried all of these recommended fixes and you’re still experiencing issues with Instagram calls not working, your next step should be to contact Instagram support. Reach out via the Help Centre on the app or through the Instagram site. Remember to be precise about the problem and provide as much information as possible to help them diagnose, and hopefully, solve the issue.

Successful, uninterrupted communication via Instagram calls significantly enhances the user experience. Therefore, it is crucial to rectify any issues as quickly and effectively as possible. The next time you experience the problem of Instagram calls not working, these tips and tricks should help ensure that such technical glitches do not interrupt your Instagram connectivity.

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