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Pokemon Go Raid Error 36-How to fix?

If you’re an avid fan of the all-time favorite augmented reality game, you might have recently been a victim of the infamous Pokemon Go Raid Error 36. Ranked as one of the biggest issues currently plaguing gamers worldwide, this error is responsible for potentially putting an abrupt halt to promising Pokemon journeys. Fret not, however, in this article we will demystify this error, take a closer look at why it happens, and, most importantly, share some effective solutions to banish it for good.

Understanding the Pokemon Go Raid Error 36

Pokemon Go Raid Error 36 generally appears when trainers attempt to take part in a raid battle. The error prevents players from fighting in the raid or often leads to the game crashing altogether. The reasons vary from unstable game servers to GPS glitches or mobile device limitations. Whatever the cause, when it comes to Pokemon Go, any hiccup like this can cause immense frustration, especially when you’re eager to catch them all.

The Core Causes of Error 36 on Pokemon Go

A common cause of this frustrating issue might be server instability. Unlike traditional video games, Pokemon Go’s heavy reliance on steady internet connections and location services often leaves it prone to server-side glitches. Another common issue is the GPS drift, which leads the game to lose track of your actual physical location intermittently. For some, the problem might be a consequence of their mobile device’s limitations.

The Remedies for Pokemon Go Raid Error 36

Firstly, it’s crucial to make sure your smartphone’s GPS is functioning correctly. Ensuring that there’s no interference during play (like being inside certain structures) and that your mobile device is up to the task for augmented reality gaming can significantly decrease the chances of encountering the error.

When considering the server-side issues, sometimes all that’s needed is a little patience. Niantic, the team behind Pokemon Go, is known for its speedy updates and fixes, so persistently problematic errors are usually addressed in due time.

Practical Fixes to Try Out

One potential fix for Pokemon Go Raid Error 36 is to clear the cache of Pokemon Go on your mobile device, which can sometimes build up and cause a variety of different issues. This process is simple and could potentially save you from the frustrating error.

Another viable solution would be to check the stability of your internet connection. Whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data, an unstable internet connection could lead to Error 36 on Pokemon Go. In addition to this, you should cross-verify whether the Niantic’s servers are down or not, as this information is readily available from various online resources.

Is the Game or the Player at Fault?

In some cases, the fault might not lie within your control. Issues like server-side glitches or certain tweaks in the game’s programming made by Niantic could also lead to this error.
Despite the panic and frustration that comes with encountering the Pokemon Go Raid Error 36, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. The popularity and global user base of Pokemon Go means that whenever a bug like this creeps up, there’s an army of technicians and fervent Pokemon trainers alike working tirelessly to get it resolved.

Until a foolproof solution is made available, try out these methods and keep embracing the spirit to catch them all! Keep checking in for updates, data, and ins-and-outs from the world of Pokemon Go!

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