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Runescape Mobile Not Working-How to fix?

The advent of mobile gaming has changed the landscape of the gaming industry, making games like Runescape available to play on smartphones. However, you may have recently encountered a problem: Runescape Mobile is not working as expected. As frustrating as this situation can be, there are various troubleshooting solutions to get your game back up and running smoothly. We are here to explore how you can fix these issues, ensuring your fantasy adventures continue unimpeded.

Common Reasons for Runescape Mobile Malfunction

Fundamentally, the key to resolving any technical issue is to identify its root cause. For Runescape Mobile, some typical problems causing the app to malfunction are outdated software, insufficient storage, poor internet connection, or an overloaded cache. Fortunately, most of these issues are straightforward to rectify.

Keeping your Software Updated

The first potential issue to tackle is outdated software. The developers at Jagex are continually working on improving the gameplay and stability of Runescape Mobile. They roll out regular updates which not only add new content but also resolve bugs and performance issues. Thus, if your Runescape Mobile is not working, ensure your game and device are updated to the most recent versions.

Checking your Device Storage

Insufficient storage can be another culprits behind this issue. Apps often need extra space for storing temporary files and data. If your device is running low on space, it might prevent Runescape Mobile from running smoothly. Try deleting unnecessary files or apps to create more room.

Improving your Internet Connection

Runescape is an online game, heavily reliant on a stable internet connection. Slow or unstable connections could result in the game not functioning as expected. Verify your connection and, if possible, try switching to a more reliable network or nearer to your Wi-Fi router.

Clearing Cache

Occasionally, the issue can stem from an overloaded app cache. Over time, Runescape Mobile accumulates temporary data which, if not cleared regularly, can lead to a bloated cache, causing potential performance issues. Navigate through your device’s storage settings to locate the game and clear its cache.

Reinstalling Runescape Mobile

If all else fails, your last resort could be to uninstall and reinstall the game. This action should reset all the game’s data and resolve any issue that isn’t hardware-related.

A Word of Caution

A word of caution before you proceed: while fixing these issues, refrain from using any unofficial troubleshooting apps or software as these could potentially harm your device or compromise your account’s security.


Remember, while these steps are designed to help rectify most common issues, if your Runescape Mobile continues to malfunction, it may be worthwhile reaching out to Jagex’s customer support. They are equipped to provide more personalized and extensive assistance. After all, the goal is to ensure you can continue your Runescape Mobile adventures, seamlessly, and without interruption.

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