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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Front Camera Focus Issue: How to Stop Background Shifting in Videos

Many Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users have found themselves asking the same burning question: “How do I stop the background from shifting during video captures?” Fear not, cam spectacles, for you are not alone. This camera focus issue has indeed knotted the brows of many S23 Ultra enthusiasts, making it imperative for us to dig to the core of this problem. Let’s dive into how the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users can resolve this persisting front camera focus issue and keep those irritating background shifts at bay.

Understanding the Issue

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the brand’s leading smartphone, was launched boasting an impressive array of features and specifications, particularly its camera quality. However, a considerable chunk of users noticed that while capturing videos using the front camera, the background scenes continually shifted and ruined the overall video aesthetic. After rigorous analysis and experimentation, we found that this does indeed seem to be a prevalent problem, and one that is causing a degree of discomfort for the S23 Ultra’s faithful base.

Why does background shift happen?

The main cause of shifting backgrounds in videos captured using the S23 Ultra front camera is the implementation of an autofocus feature. This feature struggles to stabilize the focus when there’s movement either by the user or object(s) within the field of view, triggering the noticeable shifts. This technical flaw has led Samsung to push forward in addressing the focus and background shifting problems on their flagship smartphone.

Solution: How to stop background shifting

While we eagerly wait for a technical solution from Samsung itself, users can employ certain workarounds to get around the issue.

Using Manual Focus: This workaround involves switching your camera setting from autofocus to manual. By doing this, the user can control the focus level, ensuring that the background remains stable and undisturbed.

Use a Third-Party App: In a situation where altering the native camera app settings doesn’t suffice, users can resort to third-party camera apps. These apps often offer a variety of customizable settings, allowing the user to mitigate the background shifting issue.

Remember that these are temporary solutions. Samsung is likely working hard to rectify the issue and soon, you may expect a software update that could potentially fix the front camera focus issue, stopping the background from shifting in your videos.


Despite its unwelcome presence, this focus issue does not downplay the numerous laudable features the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra possesses. Users selecting this powerful gadget for its versatile camera should not be dissuaded. We are confident that effective solutions for this snag are on the horizon, be it within the Samsung technical team or resourceful user communities.

In the meanwhile, try the workarounds suggested, stay tuned for updates from Samsung, and keep experimenting with the plethora of features the S23 Ultra offers. Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra continues to be a remarkable device, harmonizing powerhouse performance with stunning design and functionality. Indeed, this camera focus conundrum is but a small hurdle in the makings of an otherwise brilliant piece of technology.

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