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Sling not working on roku- How to fix?

Solving Sling TV Issues on Roku

Frustration is understandable if you get ready to catch your favorite show on Sling TV via your Roku device, only to face a glitch. Whether you’re dealing with buffering, an unresponsive app, or a blank screen, issues with Sling can be a major form of annoyance. Worry not, as this guide, focusing on what to do when Sling is not working on Roku, and how to fix the problem, can be your helping hand.

There can be various reasons why Sling TV might not work on your Roku device- from software bugs and network issues to outdated apps or Roku devices. While it’s essential to identify the root cause of the problem, it is equally important to keep in mind that we don’t always have the luxury of time or technical know-how for a deep dive. 

Restarting your Roku device

Sometimes, the simplest of solutions can be the most effective. Restarting your Roku device can clear up minor software glitches that may be causing Sling not to work. This can be done via your Settings (“Settings”>”System”>”System restart”) or simply by unplugging your Roku device and plugging it back in after a minute.

Examining your network connection

More often than not, a weak or unstable network connection can cause issues with video quality, buffering, or in some cases, prevent Sling from working entirely. You can test your network connection in your Roku settings (“Settings”>”Network”>”Check connection”), with Roku providing a comprehensive set of instructions based on the results. You might also consider resetting your router or trying a wired connection if possible.

Update your Roku and Sling TV app

Just like your smartphone, your Roku and its individual apps need regular updates to fix bugs and add new features. If you’re experiencing problems with Sling, it’s worth checking if your Roku device and the Sling TV app are up to date. You can update your Roku via the “System update” option in the “System” settings. On the other hand, for updating your Sling TV app, you need to head over to the “Home” option and scroll down to “Streaming Channels”. Then select Sling TV and if an update is available, the option of “Update” will appear.

Reinstalling Sling TV

At times, deleting and reinstalling the Sling TV app might solve any issues you are facing. To delete the app, you can navigate to it on your Roku home screen, press the star (*) button and select “Remove channel”. After a system restart, you can find and add Sling TV again from Roku’s channel store.

Seeking further help

If none of the above steps solve your problem, you might require professional assistance. Contacting Sling Help Center or seeking Roku support can help you troubleshoot more complex issues.

Finally, while such technical hiccups with Roku and Sling can be disheartening, they’re by no means a constant issue for every user. According to a survey conducted by Parks Associates, among US households with a streaming media player, Roku had the highest percentage of usage at 37% in Q1 2020. And as per Comscore, Sling TV had an estimated 2.37 million subscribers as of October 2020. Such statistics speak volumes about their robust performance, and troubleshooting assistance will keep you in the best possible position to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

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