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Unleashing the Potential of Xbox Game Pass on Your Steam Deck

If you’re a gaming enthusiast looking to enrich your Steam Deck experience, a perfect opportunity awaits you in the form of Xbox Game Pass. There’s no denying that the Xbox Game Pass is a treasure trove of fascinating games. Integrating it into your Steam Deck might seem daunting, but we assure you, it’s not rocket science.

Unleashing the Potential of Xbox Game Pass on Your Steam Deck

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Diving into the Xbox Game Pass- Steam Deck Integration

Embrace the world of Xbox Game Pass on your Steam Deck. It’s like adding another layer of gaming prowess to your device. With this guide, your integration journey is going to be a breeze. Make sure you’re equipped with an active Steam account and an Xbox Game Pass subscription. A functional mouse and keyboard will add ease to the process.

Transitioning to Desktop Mode

Your journey begins by clicking the central Steam button on your Steam Deck. As you venture through the menu, make your way towards Power and click on ‘Switch to desktop’. This enables your device’s Linux desktop mode, enhancing your control over a multitude of settings.

Discovering the Software Center and Microsoft Edge

From here, you’ll open the Discover Software Center via the blue shopping bag icon on the taskbar. Follow the path through Applications, Internet, and Web Browsers. Here, you’ll spot Microsoft Edge – it’s your next install.

Adding Microsoft Edge to Steam

Return to your Steam Deck desktop and locate the Application Launcher. Choose Internet, select Microsoft Edge (beta), and add it to your Steam Deck. In the ‘Add a Game’ window, identify Microsoft Edge and add it to your selected programs.

Venturing into the Terminal Window

Back on your desktop, open the terminal window or Konsole via the Application Launch. Here, enter the following command: “flatpak –user override –filesystem=/run/udev:ro com.microsoft.Edge”. To exit, type ‘exit’ and hit Enter.

Transforming Microsoft Edge into Xbox Cloud Gaming

Now, in your Steam Library, select Microsoft Edge (beta) and choose Properties. A name change is in order. Rename Microsoft Edge to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Under Launch Options, you’ll replace a specific part of the command line with the URL of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Personalizing Your Controller Layout

At this point, consider setting a controller layout that suits your Xbox gaming style. You can manage this by right-clicking on Xbox Cloud Gaming in your Steam Library, then selecting Manage and Controller layout.

Switching Back to Gaming Mode and Starting Your Journey

Finally, transition back to your Gaming Mode. Your new Xbox Cloud Gaming icon awaits you. Sign in with your Microsoft account, and you’re ready to dive into a realm of new gaming experiences.


Now that you’re armed with this guide, the power to optimize your Steam Deck lies in your hands. This integration broadens your gaming horizons, bringing you a whole world of Xbox Game Pass games on your Steam Deck. Embrace this integration and prepare for an enhanced gaming experience. Happy gaming!


1. Can I use my Xbox Game Pass on the Steam Deck?

Absolutely! With a little tweaking, you can enjoy your favorite Xbox Game Pass games on your Steam Deck.

2. Do I need an additional controller for the Xbox games on my Steam Deck?

No, you can easily customize your Steam Deck’s controller layout to fit your Xbox gaming style.

3. What if Microsoft Edge fails to install on my Steam Deck?

Don’t worry! Simply retry the installation process or check for updates to ensure your Steam Deck software is up-to-date.

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