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What is objective summary?

An objective summary is a concise, accurate, and impartial recap of a piece of writing or a speech. When creating an objective summary, the goal is to provide a brief overview of the main points without including personal opinions, interpretations, or biases. This type of summary allows the reader to gain an understanding of the original content without any added influence from the summarizer.

One key aspect of an objective summary is its focus on presenting the information in a clear and objective manner. This means that the summary should stick to the main ideas and important details of the original work, avoiding any personal commentary or subjective viewpoints. By doing so, the summary remains impartial and factual, allowing the reader to form their own opinions based on the information provided.

To create an effective objective summary, it is essential to carefully read and understand the original material. This includes identifying the main ideas, key arguments, and supporting details presented by the author. Once these elements are identified, the summarizer can then craft a concise and accurate summary that captures the essence of the original work.

Moreover, an objective summary should also maintain the original tone and style of the content being summarized. This means that if the original work is formal and academic, the summary should reflect the same tone and level of formality. Conversely, if the original work is more casual or conversational, the summary should also mirror this style.

In addition to these key principles, it’s important to note that an objective summary should be free of any personal biases or opinions. This means that the summarizer should avoid injecting their own viewpoints or interpretations into the summary, as this would compromise its objectivity. Instead, the focus should be on presenting the information in an accurate and neutral manner.

In conclusion, an objective summary is a valuable tool for presenting information in a clear, concise, and impartial manner. By adhering to the principles of objectivity, accuracy, and clarity, a well-crafted objective summary allows readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the original work without the influence of personal opinions or biases. Whether used in academic settings, professional environments, or everyday reading, objective summaries serve as an important means of distilling complex information into a digestible format.

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