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Where Is The Mic On Iphone 12?

In the highly-anticipated release of Apple’s latest feather in their technological cap, the iPhone 12, many users initially find themselves wondering, “Where is the mic on iPhone 12?”. Due to its sleek, minimalist design, the mic location is not instantly apparent. However, the iPhone 12 has actually multiple microphones positioned strategically in the device, ensuring it sets new benchmarks in audio quality and functionality.

Efficient Positioning and Sleek Design of the iPhone 12’s Microphones

The iPhone 12 series follows its predecessors’ suit with a three-microphone triad system. This advanced microphone setup on the iPhone 12 ensures that the user can capture a rich and infallible audio quality wherever they may be. So where is the mic on iPhone 12?

The answer lies in the phone’s three areas:

  1. The bottom part contains the primary microphone. It lies adjacent to the lightning port and is primarily used for phone calls and voice recordings.
  2. The front microphone, also known as the receiver microphone, is positioned in the tiny slit above the front camera. This mic helps to enhance voice clarity during phone conversations and is responsible for recording audio while the front-facing camera is in use.
  3. The third microphone, the rear microphone, is located near the back camera system. This microphone enhances the sound quality of videos recorded through the rear camera and serves to filter out ambient noise for voice recognition services, like Siri.

This superb combination of strategically placed microphones enables the iPhone 12 to offer an unmatched audio experience, no matter where the user is situated.

The Microphone’s Role in the iPhone 12’s Advanced Tech Schemes

In addition to its design, the placement of the microphone is also integral to numerous unique features. The iPhone 12 boasts a powerful noise cancellation feature, which mostly relies on the strategically-positioned microphones. This impressive feature enhances communication by reducing external noise that might interfere with calls.

Moreover, the microphones play a pivotal role in video recording, offering incredible audio to accompany the iPhone 12’s raved-about 4K video capabilities. The combination of punchy, clear audio and ultra-high-resolution video provides users an all-encompassing sensory experience.

Overall Superiority of the iPhone 12’s Microphone System

Despite its nearly invisible placement, hidden within the sleek frame of the phone, the iPhone 12’s microphones do not hold back when delivering high-quality audio. They augment the phone’s overall performance, providing users with an advanced, near-professional recording setup right in their pockets.

In a review conducted by Trusted Reviews, the iPhone 12 scored highly on audio quality, with users praising the device’s ability to hold clear conversations in noisy environments, thanks to its advanced mic system.

By offering such impressive features in an iconic, sleek design, the microphone setup on the iPhone 12 exhibits the stellar combination of design and functionality that has catapulted Apple to global success in technological innovation. Today, holding an iPhone 12, you hold an engineering marvel in your hand, delivering studio-like recording capabilities right at your fingertips.

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