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Why Is My Psat Score Not Showing Up-How to fix?

There’s an air of anticipation that surrounds the arrival of PSAT scores. This preliminary test offers students a glimpse into their future SAT scores and lays the groundwork for potential future scholarships. But for some, there’s frustration instead of anticipation. You’ve got your registration number and you’re eagerly sitting at your computer, but your PSAT score isn’t showing up. What could be causing this and how do you fix it?

Understanding PSAT Score Release

The journey to your PSAT score isn’t short – it involves printing, distributing, collecting, and analyzing millions of tests, then preparing and posting the scores online. The College Board, the organization that administers these tests, aims to release the scores approximately six weeks after the test date.

There may, however, be delays due to logistical issues like disruptions in the scanning process or even natural disasters affecting the areas where the exams are processed. Your PSAT score may also not be showing up if there are inconsistencies with the personal information attached to your test.

How To Check My PSAT Score

The College Board provides PSAT results online and through your guidance counselor. To view your scores online, you need to log in to your College Board account. If you don’t have an account, creating one is simple and free.

Always double-check your login details, if your account details are incorrect, your score will not display. Additionally, ensure your confirmed test date coincides with your expected score release date. If your PSAT score isn’t showing up, it’s possible you’re just ahead of the release schedule!

Updating Personal Information

The accuracy of your personal information is paramount. If there’s a discrepancy between the information you’ve provided to your school and what’s attached to your College Board account, this could prevent your PSAT Score from showing up.

Check with your school administrator to ensure your school’s details match those in your account. This can include small details like the correct spelling of your name, your date of birth, and your school’s name.

Error Handling

If you’ve ruled out all these possibilities and your PSAT score still isn’t showing up, it’s time to contact the College Board directly. They have a dedicated customer service department, ready to help troubleshoot and address any discrepancies or technical glitches. Keep in mind; they may request certain information like your test registration number or personal details.

A Final Note

Remember, while your PSAT score can indicate how you might score on your SAT, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s just one step, a practice round in your journey. Yes, high scores can earn you recognition and even scholarships, but it’s okay if you didn’t score as well as you’d hoped. Use your results, whatever they may be — if they’ve arrived yet, as a guide to inform what areas you need to focus on regarding your study strategy.


If your PSAT score is not showing up, the first thing to check is your College Board account. Ensure that all provided information is accurate. If the issue is not resolved, then you need to contact the College Board’s customer service department. Through addressing these concerns promptly, you can avoid unnecessary stress and focus on what truly matters – your preparation for the actual SATs. Your journey to college begins here, and your PSAT score is just a part of that larger picture.

In the face of sometimes overwhelming pressure surrounding college admissions, remember to keep faith in yourself and your abilities. Stay diligent, accountable, and relentless in your journey to academic achievement. Depending on what unexpected obstacles your score release throws at you, remember, it’s not the scores that define you but how you respond to them.

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