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Error 60 Directv Now-How to fix?

Imagine settling down for a quiet evening, ready to stream your favorite show, only to be stumped by the infuriating Error 60 on Directv Now. This satellite television service is renowned for its extensive channel offering and streaming capabilities, but when faced with this particular hurdle, users often feel helpless. But worry not, let’s delve deep into understanding and troubleshooting this error.

Understanding the Error 60 on Directv Now

Before we get into how to fix Error 60, it is vital to understand what it signifies. At its core, Error 60 on Directv Now points to a streaming limit being exceeded. This usually happens when the service detects streaming on more devices than the account permits. Depending on the subscription package, Directv Now allows simultaneous streaming on one, two, or three devices. If you try to stream on an additional device, Error 60 will likely rear its head.

Steps to troubleshoot Error 60

1. Check the number of devices: It’s quite easy to forget turning off a stream in another room or on another device. Cross-check all devices linked to your Directv Now account and ensure you’re not exceeding the streaming limit.

2. Sign out of all devices: Even though you may not be streaming on all devices, some may still be signed in, causing confusion in the system. Log out from all of your devices, then sign back in on the device you plan to use.

3. Clear browsing data: If you’re streaming via a browser, Error 60 may be triggered by cached data. Clearing your browsing history, cookies, and cached data often helps rectify this error.

4. Use the Directv Now app: Rather than streaming from a browser, switch to the Directv Now app as it’s known to cause fewer issues.

Contacting Directv Now Support

If Error 60 persists despite trying all the above troubleshooting tips, it’s best to get in touch with Directv Now’s support team. Detailed descriptions of the issue and steps taken so far can help the team diagnose the problem more efficiently.

Preventing Error 60 in future

Prevention is always better than cure, as the saying goes, and this holds true for Error 60 too. Make it a habit to sign out from your account when you’re done streaming. If possible, restrict the sharing of your Directv Now login credentials, so as to keep close tabs on the number of streaming devices.

As technology advances, we are bound to confront these glitches and errors. To truly usher in the age of hassle-free digital streaming, service providers and users must work together to quickly identify and resolve issues. The good news? The next time you face Error 60 on Directv Now, you’ll know exactly what to do. Enjoy seamless entertainment with Directv Now, devoid of pesky errors.

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