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Best YouTube vanced alternatives

You may or may not have heard about YouTube Vanced. We use YouTube a lot in our daily life. Sometimes to watch songs, movies, cooking recipes, etc. So, if you have used YouTube, then you must have been irritated and bored by the many in-between advertisements interrupting the video. So, to avoid these advertisements, YouTube users have found a wonderful platform which we call YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced is an alternate platform or a third-party application of YouTube. It is loved by users and is used on a large scale. 

Instead of using the Premium version of YouTube users find it best to use the YouTube vanced. Vanced is much better than the YouTube premium. You can get some premium features on YouTube Vanced also. YouTube vanced can be used on any device whether it is Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. This application is similar to YouTube but different from many things. YouTube Vanced has an option of ad-blocker from where we can get rid of in-between advertisements in the video. It also has a dark theme available in it. YouTube vanced has many features available in it which makes it interesting to use. 

Now we do not get to watch YouTube vanced because it is now closed and banned. It is not available anywhere on the web now. As YouTube vanced is no longer available anywhere on the web so you cannot install it but those users who have already installed this application can further enjoy using it. We will see What is meant by YouTube vanced? Why has YouTube vanced closed? What is meant by the YouTube alternatives? What are the best YouTube vanced alternatives for android? Best YouTube Vanced alternatives for iPhone users? How can you block YouTube advertisements by your device’s settings? 

Best YouTube Vanced alternatives
Best YouTube Vanced alternatives

What is YouTube vanced?

YouTube Vanced, as the name suggests, is another platform of YouTube. This platform allows us to watch videos with some extra added features than that of YouTube. By this, you can watch any long video of your choice, no advertisement will bother you in the middle. YouTube vanced has some features which make it different from YouTube. It allows users to block advertisements by giving them the option of ad-blocker. The platform has a great UI and smart gesture control, giving an option of the dark theme. You can customize it in your way. With the help of this, you can get a very beneficial thing that you only get in YouTube premium. That is, because of YouTube vanced, you can also play any video in the background.

Why has YouTube vanced closed?

YouTube Vanced is closed on 13 March 2022. The reason behind the closing of YouTube Vanced is Google. It gets closed because the company that officially runs YouTube i.e., Google gave a legal threat to YouTube vanced team. So now you cannot install vanced Manager from the vanced website. But luckily if you have vanced manager already installed then you can download the YouTube vanced from there. Hence, we cannot download YouTube vanced from anywhere, but those who have this application already downloaded can use it for a few years now.

What is meant by the YouTube alternatives?

So now if the YouTube vanced platform ever stops working, then what should we do in that situation? For this to happen, you will have to prepare beforehand. Now, there are some alternatives to YouTube that you can use if in the future YouTube vanced gets shut down. So, every YouTube user needs to have a backup plan ready in advance.

With the help of these alternatives, you will not feel much difference in switching from YouTube vanced to these alternative applications. With the help of these alternatives, you can also block the ads coming in the middle. You can customize it. You can pre-download any video with the help of these alternatives so that whenever you feel like watching offline, you can do it. Along with videos, you can also download its captions.

What are the best YouTube vanced alternatives for android?

There are some YouTube alternatives for those who use Android, by which they can use some premium features. Some people can afford the premium and some cannot. So, for those who are not able to do this, YouTube vanced alternatives are the best thing. Remember, each alternative has its unique feature. In an alternative, you will allow some things and some will not. Select any YouTube vanced alternative according to your choice.


The Newpipe is known as the best alternative to YouTube as it is an open source for android users. It is very easy to use. The best part is that you can use it without Google Mobile Services. If you want, you can sign in to your Google account. But if you do not want to sign in to your Google account, you can still use it. Huawei users can also install this. 

In this, you will also get the option to block ads. This is a very lightweight application that consumes less storage on your phone. You can download the videos and set the resolution of the videos according to you. Users also get the option of audio and caption download in it. If you want to create your playlist then you can create it in this. 

Figure 2: Settings of the Newpipe

Before installing any application and doing it, we search about its data privacy. Keeping all these things in mind, Newpipe developers have also taken care of its data privacy very well. The app is safe to use. Along with all these things, there are some other features of this app such as it provides you the option of dark and light themes. You can delete the search and watch history. Caches can be cleared too. And it gives you an option whether you want to save your search history or not, it depends upon you.


Skytube is also a YouTube alternative in which you will get to see the features of YouTube. Android users can easily download it. It is an open-source alternative. You can use this without signing in with your Google account. But remember, if you don’t link your Google account with it, you can’t save your search or playback history. With its help, you can watch videos, read comments, subscribe to your favorite channels, and share any videos.

This application helps you to block ads that you do not like or that you do not want to see. You can download any video from skytube and watch it offline whenever you want. An added feature is that you can watch region and category-wise videos by selecting them. And the second amazing feature is that you can watch videos that have low and high views separately. Then you can decide which video you want to watch.

Skytube has great gesture controls. There are two versions of Skytube available: Skytube and Skytube extra. In skytube extra, you will just get some extra features. Whereas, skytube extra supports the official YouTube and its casting.  And you can also use this alternative without the Google app because you have nothing to do with Google. You can download it from their official website or the F-Droid.


This is also a very good YouTube alternative that is currently in beta. You can also set the video quality in it. As it is still in beta, so many bugs and glitches can be seen in it. It is an open-source YouTube vanced alternative. The users cannot sign in to their Google account in it. You can create your playlist in this. You can also subscribe to your favorite YouTuber in this so that whenever he uploads his new video, you will get a notification.

Here you are free to modify the application in your way. It has playback control and a dark theme; you can also watch the latest trendy videos on it. This application is based on Piped(an alternative to YouTube).


This is a YouTube Vanced alternative that only android and chrome OS users can install. Other systems may not run this application. With this help, you can not only watch videos but also download them from other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can download videos of different resolutions according to your choice. In case you have to download a lot of videos at once then that too is possible through this app. Snaptube has a user-friendly interface.


Freetube is another YouTube vanced alternative. It was developed in 2017. The application is safe and secure. Users can use this application without any fear of misusing the data. It is easily available on Android. The feature of this alternative is that it blocks the in-between advertisements. Users from different states can use this alternative because it is developed in multi-language. 

It is an open-source and free YouTube vanced alternative. Users can customize this app. Freetube can be downloaded from their official website.

Brave browser

Brave browser is a YouTube vanced alternative that helps users to watch their favorite videos absolutely ad-free. If we talk about terms of privacy, then this application is safe because it blocks malware from entering your phone. But you cannot download videos here. You can sign in to your Google account in the brave browser. It is a free alternative and an open-source. It loads fast. Windows, Mac, and iOS users can also install this alternative. 

What are the best YouTube vanced alternatives for iPhone users?

iOS users also want some YouTube vanced alternatives for themselves. iOS users also want to enjoy videos without any ad breaks. There are also many YouTube vanced alternatives made especially for iOS users. We will look at the best YouTube vanced alternatives for iOS one by one –

uYou Tweak

uYou Tweak is a YouTube vanced alternative made for iOS users. The feature of this alternative is that you can watch videos on it easily. It allows you to download your favorite audio and videos from it. The videos you install go to the custom player so that you can listen to them by playing them in the background. You can easily share the downloaded videos with your friends and family members. 

With the help of this alternative, you can enable or disable the captions. If you do not like any video and the information given in it is illegal then you can report that video. Overall, it is a useful YouTube vanced alternative that iOS users can try once.


It is believed that YouTube ++ is the best alternative to YouTube for iOS. There are many amazing features available in this which makes this application more useful and smarter to use. It allows you to download videos and can watch them anytime you want to. After downloading you can watch it offline. It blocks the in-between advertisements. If you want to repeat a video again and again, then a repeat option is also available in it. You can also play music in the background with its help. You can manage the age-restriction option. If you want to change the resolution of the video, then you can do it from here. And, also you are free to manage the speed of the video.

Vuetube APK

Vuetube APK is an alternative that can be used by iOS users as well as is available for android users. This is an open source and a free alternative, in which you will see many features for your comfort. This alternative has just come some time ago, so it is not developed yet, but it is being developed well. Some of its features are that an ad-blocking option is available in it and pip mode is also available.

You are absolutely safe in terms of privacy. This app updates automatically, it has an inbuilt update tool. It has a great User interface. You can customize the application in your way. It loads very fast and is a very responsive alternative. It allows you to block sponsor segments.

YouTube reborn Tweak

YouTube reborn Tweak is an amazing alternative in the list of YouTube advanced alternatives for iOS users. Some of its features are that you may not get to see any advertisements between videos. You also get the option of background playback music in it. You can disable the pop-ups that show up at the end of the videos. If you want to share or hide any particular video then you can do it easily. 

This alternative doesn’t have the notification and the cast button available in it. You cannot comment on any video through this. Also, you will not find any advertisement in this, at the bottom of the video. You will not get to see any advertisement even at the start of the video. 


Cercube+ is a YouTube vanced alternative. This alternative can only be downloaded by people who have iOS 13 or higher. Its features are that it blocks all advertisements from the video. It allows iOS users to block advertisements. You can save the video in high resolution also. In this case, if you watch a video and only you have to download its audio, then you can also do that with its help. You are free to skip the sponsored ads which come in between the videos. 


iTube is a free alternative to YouTube Vanced. Its specialty is that it can be used by both Android as well as iOS users. If you want that along with the song, you want to also see its lyrics, then this option is available in it. It consumes too much battery sometimes. You can also watch videos in offline mode and modify your playlist.

It has a simple and friendly user interface. You can sync your YouTube account in it. The Bass of the music can also be adjusted. Ads can be blocked. Music can be played in the background. The iTube also works on the poor internet connection sometimes. But, iTube does not have many features as compared to the features of the YouTube vanced.

How can you block YouTube advertisements by your device’s settings? (Android)

One of the smartest and easiest ways is also available for Android users to block these between ads. Then whether those advertisements are in the middle of a video or wherever on the web browser, you can block them. The name of this option is “Private DNS” which is available in the settings of your Android device. This option is available only in Android 9 and above versions. This option of ad-blocking was introduced by the OS in their different versions. 

Private DNS

To go to Private DNS, open the settings of your device. Go to the “Connection and Sharing”. Tap on the “Private DNS”. Click on the “Designated private DNS and write “dns.adguard.com” or “us.adhole.org” and save it. After doing this you will not be able to see the advertisements anywhere in your web browser. Different mobiles have different steps to go to private DNS. So, if you are not getting this option then simply type the Private DNS in your phone’s settings then you will get this option from there.

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So, by now you must have understood how much we need YouTube vanced and what is meant by YouTube vanced, and the best YouTube vanced alternatives for android and iOS. But as the vanced team had to shut down YouTube because of Google’s threat, we needed its alternatives. But right now, YouTube vanced is running only for those people who have already installed it. YouTube Vanced was launched on February 14, 2005, and closed on March 13, 2022. If you want to enjoy YouTube videos without stopping, then definitely install these YouTube-vanced alternatives.

There are some YouTube alternatives for Android and iOS users, by which they can enjoy premium features. Rather, you can install YouTube vanced alternatives on Windows and Mac also. Each alternative has its own features that make it special.


Q1. Is YouTube Vanced free of cost?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is free of cost and gives you some features like YouTube premium.

Q2. Which is the best YouTube Vanced alternative for android users?

Newpipe is known as the best YouTube Vanced alternative for android users. As it does not occupy much space on your RAM. The app is free of bugs and glitches. The smartest features are available in it.

Q3. Can Indian users download YouTube vanced?

Now Indian users have no option to install YouTube vanced because it is banned due to the threat of Google. Now only those people who can use the YouTube vanced who have already downloaded this before.

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