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How to Earn From YouTube: A Complete Free Guide

 Wealth is the most essential thing on this planet. It controls every human being like a puppet on a string. The word ‘Wealth‘ is usually associated with having lots of money and properties of great value. Wealth is a broad spectrum of possessions. It is often considered as a factor to be judged with, in society. People that have a relatively high magnitude of wealth are often respected. Similarly, people that have low wealth are not treated so well socially. So we are presenting how to earn from YouTube: A Complete Guide to make wealth real.

Wealth requires a lot of effort, commitment, and willpower to be successful in a particular aspect. An exception to this is Lottery which is just so random. Wealth is referred to consistency in earning. Although, wealth makes a lot of things easier for a certain group of people and makes a lot of things tougher for another group. With wealth, people do not have to worry about making wrong choices. It resonates with freedom of thought, and decision-making. The people without it are the ones that are suffering. They need to be very careful in their expenses, their decisions, and their entire lifestyle.

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How to Earn From YouTube: A Complete Free Guide

There are a lot of ways to earn money in this world because earning is essential. We have to keep earning to live. The world has become as simple as that. The same applies to online. This money-earning process is simpler online when compared to physical jobs out there. We will be going through the YouTube part of all this.

How to Earn From YouTube
How to Earn From YouTube

                 YouTube is a video platform in which creators and users can reach every corner of the world. This is available on any kind of device these days with access to the internet. YouTube is a major subsidiary of Google since the year 2005. YouTube provides different kinds of video content that including music videos, movie trailers, vlogs, live streams, and many more. The algorithm is the best thing on YouTube. It is designed in a way to keep the viewers attached to their screen for so much time. When we watch a video on YouTube by searching, the platform shows all the related videos as a recommendation. That is one of the main reasons for their success.

                The source of these videos can be individuals or corporations. Many individuals are dependent on YouTube for their livelihood. This has been a career option for many years now. Content Creation is considered a big thing if it turns out to be a success. Youngsters trying to showcase their various talents have YouTube to count on. There are examples where adults succeeded in Google. Everyone wants to earn, right? Here it is, how to earn from YouTube: A Complete Guide. Check it out.

Finding brands to sponsor for videos:

We watch YouTube on a regular basis now. There are many tweaks to look at. We could find a tag ‘Includes Paid Promotion’ for a few videos. So, what does this mean? This is the acknowledgment that the creator of that particular video is being paid by a specific company or firm. They are getting paid to promote a product that might need outreach. These videos might contain a small segment where the creator tries to promote the product. Let’s see how to attract sponsors and earn from YouTube.


Most of the companies that are looking to promote their products look for compatibility. They have to get a feeling that they share the same view as the company about a product. The creators try to build trust using the content they make. Take a tech YouTuber MKBHD for example. He is a know-it-all person. He flaunts this persona in his videos to create a feeling that companies can trust him with their products’ promotion. That is the reason why he is so successful in what he does. We have to try and replicate that.


Target Audience:

Companies look for video creators with a similar target audience. This is because they could make the best output of it targeting a particular group of audience. For example, a KIDS channel promoting toys. So, if we are looking for a particular promotion, start doing content related to that.

Different websites help in contacting sponsors for small to medium size YouTubers. These are some of them.

  • GrapeVine Village
  • Content BLVD
  • FameBit
Target Audience

Video Editing:

Every content creator has a fundamental requirement of editing their video before uploading it for the world to see. Although most of the creators are not experts in video editing. They tend to mess up trying to do it on their own. Video editing requires so much expertise to be perfect. It also consumes time that might not be available for regular content creators on YouTube.

Most YouTubers look for professionals to edit their videos for them. This can be a contract or a single task. When we reach out to certain YouTubers, we could find a potential job. This requires a lot of experience and a lot of hard work is put into it. Rural YouTubers might not have much knowledge of video editing. We could reach out to them for jobs. There are certain popular tools for video editing. We could practice on these platforms to get a grip on it. Some of these platforms require a subscription but they are of the highest quality among their contenders. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio 24 are some of the paid tools for video editing. You can also use flexclip to make Flexible Editing and Stunning Clips.

There are some websites that help us find video editing jobs. So, how earn from YouTube Video Editing, I’ll list them here.

  • fiverr.com
how earn from YouTube Video Editing
  • upwork.com
  • guru.com
how earn from Video Editing

These websites offer jobs for freelancers where video editing offers are also given.

Becoming an Affiliate:

Affiliate marketing is one of the crucial ways of earning on YouTube. Affiliate marketing is content creation on YouTube with an aim to promote a product on a constant basis. The creators are frequently in touch with the company or firm. This is a technique where we place links strategically. This is based on the concept of referrals. The creators give the link to a certain product. When the user clicks on the link and actually purchases what’s in the link, they get a discount. The creator gets a commission for this.

Usually, these links can be placed in the comments section, description. The content might be anything. It has to be popular for chances of getting affiliated with companies. There is a food channel named ‘Strictly Dumpling’. He is very popular in his industry. Naturally, small companies that are looking to expand their outreach contact him to do promotions. He does an amazing job in promoting these with the aid of his personal experiences. He puts the link in the description with a referral code. Whenever a referral code is used, he gets a commission and the user gets a discount. This guy earns from YouTube by eating a bunch of stuff.

earn from YouTube Affiliate

YouTubers of the small range have to try to do this to get a commission. If the sales of a product increase because of affiliate links, the creator gets the credit for it. This is one of my favorite ways to earn from YouTube Affiliate.

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Selling Merchandise:

Merchandise is a product specified to a certain company or individual. The merchandise industry for TV and Movies is on a huge scale. This is also implemented in YouTube. For some channels with huge popularity across the world, they tend to expand even more. One way is selling merchandise.

Merchandise can be a coffee cup, a T-Shirt, a custom-made bedsheet. It can be any product that we use in our households. Often, popular YouTubers sell their merchandise. They promote their merchandise with all their resources. These people have different social media accounts. They make use of all of them to potentially grow their range. The merchandise requires collaborations since YouTubers are not generally knowledgeable in their production.

There are a certain set of conditions to sell your merchandise on YouTube. The merch shelf gets activated if these conditions are met.

  1. The channel must have 10000 subscribers.
  2. Next, Channel must be approved for monetization.
  3. The channel must be based in a region where YouTube Partner Program is active.
  4. Also, Channel cannot be set as MADE FOR KIDS.
  5. The channel must not have a significant number of videos that violates YouTube monetization policies
  6. Channel must not have any Community Guideline Strikes

An example of a YouTuber selling merchandise is Pewdiepie. He sells his merchandise by a collaboration with represent.com. His merchandise includes masks, T-Shirts, Hoodies. He makes so much revenue out of this aspect. This has been possible with years of experience and stardom. People like him earn from YouTube with his personality.

Selling Merchandise

Earn from YouTube by Selling Online Courses:

Education is the best driving force on this planet. They make or break a person. So, it will obviously be a big thing on YouTube too. People who create educational videos can be delighted to hear this. Often, we think that selling anything on YouTube is easy due to its scale. That is the problem too. Just because it’s so large, most of the channels go under the radar. The big channels grow each day. The small channels do not get the reach they have to get.

The ways to make the most Selling Online Courses

Selling our courses is just promoting by increasing user’s interest. The users have to be engaged in the content we make. So, here are the ways to make the most out of this idea.

  1. Product reviews: Creators have to make videos that are informative and they must be elaborate and concise simultaneously. The big factor is that the amount of information we are providing in the shortest period possible. So, when we establish a persona by doing these videos, we could sell courses particularly based on that. The target audience makes it possible.
  2. Events: All companies have events from time to time. These could be on-campus or somewhere else. These show the interaction between people. These kinds of videos show how other people are engaged in our brand. People that see these videos have a sense of familiarity and that causes wonders. The outreach grows with these videos. This is the best possible time to catch out. Attach the courses to these videos or give a description regarding the course.
  3. Teasing and Free Content: Sometimes, we have to tease our courses with a 30 seconds video by explaining it briefly. We can also upload a chapter for free on YouTube and it has to be engaging. That will attract viewers to get more of this course. There is a YouTuber named Chris Bray who does photography-based videos. He provided an online course of 2 hours 24 minutes for free to win the trust of his users. As it is free, more people show up wanting to know something new. He cashes on this feeling. No offense!
Earn from YouTube by Selling Online Courses

The gaming industry is booming for the past few years. This only proves to grow more by the hour. It has become a career option for many of the youngsters out there. There are people who put their effort to build a great channel. They are enjoying their fruits now. In India, a single game ‘PUBG MOBILE’ has ruled the industry for more than 2 years until it got banned. The ban hit many of the small YouTubers who were trying to make money out of this game. There were big YouTubers that got a drastic drop in their growth too.

This made them discover different parts of their life to make content. Many different games got popular too. It does not have to be actual gameplay. We could make content out of it without playing too. Competitive gaming has gained much-needed popularity resulting in the emergence of different kinds of content creators.

Now, PUBG MOBILE is returning as BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. This created a huge hype in the Indian Gaming scenario.

It is not as easy to walk the talk. This requires hours and hours of practice. This requires sleepless nights. A lot of effort has to be put into it. The results are not quick too. There is a slow rise in content related to gaming. Rather than actual serious gameplay, entertaining people with it works well. scOut, an Indian gaming YouTuber makes the content of the greatest quality and keeps the viewers attached to their screen with his body language. After the PUBG MOBILE ban, he started exploring different games, doing vlogs and different memories. This guy did everything in his power to earn from YouTube.

Earn money from Making Game on youtube

Offering Channel Memberships:

Have you ever wanted a Youtuber to notice you? We all dream of this. We want to be special in someone’s eyes. The subscribers on YouTube are very random actually. Some might be regular to a channel. Some might just see one video in a channel and ignore the channel. So, YouTubers have no way of telling if someone actually supports them regularly.

Memberships were introduced to overcome this. Memberships are optional for the subscribers. Subscribers have to pay to become a member. In return, they get certain perks like direct interaction with the creator, stickers in the chat, get access to content before anyone else. These perks depend on the type of content. The memberships can be paid for a month, 6 months, a year. These are set by the creator. There are certain criteria to be eligible for memberships.

  • The channel must have more than 1000 subscribers.
  • The channel must be monetized and must be in YouTube Partner Program.
  • The creator must be over 18 years old.
  • The channel must be based in one of the available locations. Here are the locations.
Offering Channel Memberships
  • The channel must not have a significant number of ineligible videos such as MADE FOR KIDS video, videos with copyright strikes.
  • The channel must not violate any terms and conditions.

There are many channels that provide memberships. Many viewers are loyal to YouTubers. They purchase memberships on a regular basis. It has its advantages but the YouTuber is the one that is getting paid. So, this is a great option if we can pull it off. Earn from YouTube with the help of your viewers.  An example of this is in the image below. The channel name is TriggerOP. He does live streams. He is a gradually growing YouTuber. Also know about how to use youtube.com/activate.

Offering Channel Memberships


This works in the same way as memberships. We donate money to the YouTuber himself or some other campaign the channel is supporting. There are two types of crowdfunding—Project-based and Recurring. See how to earn from YouTube crowdfunding:

Recurring Crowdfunding:

As the name suggests, these are regular donations. This is a way that helps any kind of YouTubers. For any video, we could make an option available for people to donate to us. The magnitude of the donation does not matter. All these small donations count as they grow in quantity. If someone feels like we deserve their donation, we have to keep doing what we are doing.

Project-based Crowdfunding:

These are donations for a particular project when it is underfunded or if it does not have any funds at all. People donate as much as they can to the YouTuber for finishing a particular task. This is funding based on the requirement. It has a limit up to which people can donate. After that limit, the option will not be there.

This has a lot of significance in a broader perspective. There are certain requirements to have a DONATE button for your channel. The channel must be a not-for-profit channel. The channel has to create a financial account with Google Checkout. Google Checkout is a payment service that overlooks all donations.

A channel with non-profit status must not have a membership, must not serve any commercial purposes, should not be political. The channel owner must sign up for Google Checkout by filling in all the necessary details. The owner gets a merchant account with all this. YouTube account and Checkout account have to be linked with each other. When this link is done, the ‘Donate’ button is activated after verifying the non-profit status.

Earning by using AdSense:

This is the most common method used by content creators for their income. Google AdSense is a platform that is responsible for placing advertisements on websites, videos, and everywhere on the internet. Since we are using this for YouTube, we can log in to AdSense using a YouTube account.

AdSense is used by users to place ads to be published on different media. These advertisements can be of any form i.e., Videos, images, or texts. The creation of a Google AdSense account is free. This account creation immediately makes you eligible for Google Ads. We all come across different kinds of advertisements everywhere. These ads must be appealing to the viewers so that they must be curious to know more about them.

The eligibility to earn money from YouTube, through AdSense is as follows.

  • The content must be of top-notch quality, and originality. Popularity is a big factor too.
  • Next, Creator must be at least 18 years old.
  • The channel must have been monetized.
  • Also, Channel must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program.
  • The channel must be active for at least 6 months before applying for an AdSense account.

Google AdSense helps us in creating a revenue bridge from the content we make on our websites or YouTube videos. The platform even allows multiple sites to be associated with a single account. So, Earn from YouTube with this simple set of steps.

Licensing Your Videos to Media Corporations:

Media outlets are always in need of content that can make their ratings higher. They go to large extents to get quality content. They reach out to freelancers for footage or news based on anything that they cannot do. This turns out to be a big advantage for small YouTubers who post a video and it becomes viral in less period. These YouTubers could sell their content for how much they want to. This is because the demand for originality is high for media companies.

There is NewsFlare, an online platform where video content created by users is bought and sold. This platform often works with huge companies like CNN for footage. These videos are then used in various ways including news shows, documentaries, etc. A simple thing is that we require no further equipment. Everyone has a smartphone these days. These smartphone cameras are better than most camcorders in the older days.

All the videos that are posted to the site are in a cloud where people from different parts of the world can view them. This feature expands the range in which content can spread. 50% of the profit that is made by NewsFlare is given to us if the video gets licensed. Licensing or selling a video is our choice. The uploaded content gets reviewed by NewsFlare’s team. There must be a description for every video that is approved. The video must be edited as per the buyer’s wish.

How to Earn From YouTube via Creating Podcasts:

A podcast is an episode of spoken words that can be on any topic. This could be a conversation, a debate, or a monologue. These are done with a high-quality microphone. The process can be very simple because all of us can create podcasts. They don’t have any eligibility criteria. Our smartphone’s microphone can be used for making podcasts.

Most importantly, for making your podcasts popular, they have to be published on Spotify, YouTube, and many more. Let’s focus on YouTube. In YouTube, audio-based streams are growing in number. That is to say, this makes growth in podcasts easier. The audio file that we make must be converted into a video by making a slideshow or captions. Conversations can be screen shared through while talking on a Zoom call. We could set up cameras for recording the podcasting process externally.

Equipment required to make a video:


This is the most crucial part of video-making.  In other words, the camera doesn’t have to be a high-end one. So, these days, people are making videos out of their smartphones. Our content decides the type of camera we have to buy. There are different types of cameras – DSLRs, camcorders, action cameras, and webcams.


Good quality audio is as important as good video. Consequently, the audio quality must suit the video. If one of them is not good, people tend to lose interest in the video. Laptop microphones or mobile phone microphones are not designed to filter sounds properly. We could use external microphones such as a Lapel microphone, Boom microphone, Shotgun microphone, and USB microphone. All these can provide excellent in-depth audio.


Stability is a big factor to judge the quality of a video. Tripods are used to keep the camera steady while shooting. Some human hands are steady enough for casual videos. Professional video making cannot accept this. We could use a tripod if the camera must be stationary for shooting. We could use a gimbal stabilizer if the camera has to move but with stability.


Good lighting makes the frame attractive to the eyes. That is why movie actors look so good on the screen. They use the lighting to their preference. It should not be too bright or too dull. We have to try and find the ample amount of light required for a video. We could use Softboxes, Umbrella lights, and Ring Lights.

Video Editing:

Sometimes, a lot of footage is shot but it won’t make sense. The editing does its work here to create an appeal to the viewers. There are a lot of apps out there for video editing these days. There is a lot of software that is used for professional purposes. Some of the examples are Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Elements.


In conclusion, these are some of the ways that we can earn from YouTube. The best one is AdSense obviously. This is used by large-scale YouTubers. Nevertheless, people are different. Their interests are different. Unconventionality is what makes the world an interesting place. Moreover, I love that YouTube has become a career option. This has been a platform to showcase people’s talents to amaze us, and make us go awe. Encouragement is badly needed because there are ups and downs along the road. It is how we recover that matters. The platform has brought happiness to many faces and it keeps doing so. With a simple interface, a powerful search bar, and an infinite amount of content, it rules the world.

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