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Crunchyroll website black screen issue

Crunchyroll has amassed a sizable and committed fan following as one of the most well-liked streaming services for anime and Asian dramas. Crunchyroll provides a wide variety of content for fans of anime to enjoy, from time-honored favorites to the newest releases. It is not immune to technological problems, though, and customers frequently report the dreaded black screen. This is true of all streaming services. Users may be confused and frustrated by the Crunchyroll black screen issue, asking what is causing it and how to resolve it. In this post, we’ll examine the possible root causes of the Crunchyroll black screen problem and offer workable methods to assist consumers in fixing it.

Whether you’re a seasoned Crunchyroll user or new to the service, knowing the potential causes of the black screen issue and how to fix it will help you resume uninterrupted viewing of your favorite anime and Asian dramas. So let’s explore Crunchyroll together and solve the black screen problem.

Crunchyroll website black screen issue

Causes of the Crunchyroll Black Screen Issue

Web Browser Support:

A web-based platform called Crunchyroll uses web browsers to transmit content. The video player on Crunchyroll may not work with some browsers, though, and this might lead to a black screen problem. You could experience this if you’re using an unsupported or out-of-date browser, according to Crunchyroll.

Ad Blockers:

It is software or browser add-ons that prevent advertisements from displaying on websites. Ad blockers are helpful in reducing intrusive adverts, however they can cause Crunchyroll’s video player to malfunction and display a blank screen.

Cookies and Cache:

Your browser stores temporary files called cookies and cache to speed up websites and remember user preferences. Yet with time, these files may assemble and turn faulty, perhaps resulting in problems with Crunchyroll’s video player, such as the black screen issue.

Internet accessibility:

Smooth streaming on Crunchyroll requires a steady internet connection. A black screen can appear if the video content can’t fully load due to a sluggish or erratic internet connection.

VPN vs Proxy:

It may cause the video player to malfunction and cause a blank screen if you view Crunchyroll using a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy. Conflicts between the VPN or proxy and Crunchyroll’s geographical limitations or content licensing agreements may result in this.

Equipment acceleration:

A function known as hardware acceleration exploits the hardware capabilities of your device to speed up video playing. Black screens occasionally emerge from issues with Crunchyroll’s video player, though. This may occur if your particular device’s hardware acceleration function is not optimized for it or if there are compatibility problems.

Compatible devices:

Several devices, including web browsers, mobile devices, smart Televisions, and game consoles, support Crunchyroll. The black screen problem may, however, be caused by the video player’s incompatibility with some devices.

Solutions to Fix the Crunchyroll Black Screen Issue:

Refresh Your Web Browser:

The video player on Crunchyroll might not function properly if you are using an old web browser, which could cause a blank screen. Make sure you upgrade your web browser to the most recent version to fix this. Typically, you can check for updates by heading to the settings or options menu of the browser. Moreover, confirm that Crunchyroll officially supports your browser, which should include well-known browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Turn off ad blockers:

Your browser’s ad blockers can be interfering with Crunchyroll’s video player and resulting in the black screen problem if they are active. Try removing your ad blockers for the Crunchyroll website to fix this. Normally, you may do this by selecting “Disable” or “Pause” for Crunchyroll’s domain when you click on the ad blocker extension or programme icon on your browser. If you’re unsure about how to accomplish this, you can find instructions in your ad blocker’s manual or help area.

Clear Cookies and Cache:

Corrupted temporary files might create problems, which can be fixed by clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. To do this, navigate to the settings or options menu of your browser and select “Clear browsing data” or “Clear cache and cookies.” To remove the cache and cookies for a certain time period or forever, select this option. Restart your browser when the procedure is finished and try to view Crunchyroll once more to check whether the black screen issue has been fixed.

Look Into Your Internet Connection:

Smooth streaming on Crunchyroll requires a strong, fast internet connection. You can get a black screen problem if your internet connection is sluggish or unreliable. Make sure that your internet connection satisfies Crunchyroll’s minimal requirements for streaming, which are normally at least 1.5 Mbps for standard definition (SD) material and 5 Mbps or more for high definition (HD) or ultra high definition (UHD) video, in order to troubleshoot this. Try rebooting your modem/router, joining a new Wi-Fi network, or getting in touch with your internet service provider (ISP) for help if your internet connection isn’t up to par.

Try a Different App or Device:

If a certain device or app is giving you a black screen problem when you try to view Crunchyroll, try switching to a new device or app. Try using a different web browser, the Crunchyroll app on your mobile device, or a smart TV, for instance, if you are currently using a web browser. This can help identify if the problem is app- or device-specific.

Disable your proxy or VPN:

It may cause the video player to malfunction and cause a blank screen if you view Crunchyroll using a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy. If the problem still persists, try deactivating your VPN or proxy and trying to visit Crunchyroll without it.

Hardware acceleration must be disabled:

A function known as hardware acceleration exploits the hardware capabilities of your device to speed up video playing. Black screens occasionally emerge from issues with Crunchyroll’s video player, though. Go to your browser or app’s settings or options menu and seek for the hardware acceleration option to turn it off. Restart your browser or app after disabling it.

Message Crunchyroll Support here:

If you have attempted all of the aforementioned fixes and the black screen problem still exists, it is advised that you get in touch with Crunchyroll customer care. On Crunchyroll’s website or mobile application, you can often find contact information. Give them specifics about the problem, such as the affected device, browser, or app, as well as any troubleshooting measures you have previously attempted. They might be able to offer detailed remedies or carry out more research on the problem.

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Viewers of Asian dramas and anime on Crunchyroll may find the black screen issue to be a nuisance. Nevertheless, a number of factors, such as browser compatibility, ad blockers, cache and cookies, internet connection, device compatibility, use of a VPN or proxy, hardware acceleration, browser extensions, and out-of-date device drivers, are possible causes of this issue.

Fortunately, there are a number of options that might assist in resolving the Crunchyroll black screen issue. There are several things you can try, such as updating your browser, turning off ad blockers and browser add-ons, clearing your cache and cookies, checking your internet connection, switching to another device or app, turning off VPN or a proxy, turning off hardware acceleration, and using incognito or private browsing mode. If all else fails, it is advised that you get in touch with Crunchyroll’s customer care team for more guidance.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that depending on your device, browser, and operating system, the troubleshooting choices and processes may change. Also, it’s essential to confirm that you are using Crunchyroll lawfully and in accordance with their terms of service.

You may potentially fix the black screen issue and resume uninterrupted viewing of your preferred anime and Asian dramas on Crunchyroll by using the troubleshooting techniques described in this article or contacting Crunchyroll’s customer care. Enjoy your stream!


Is Crunchyroll a streaming service that is free?

Both free and paid subscription options are available on Crunchyroll. While premium subscribers enjoy ad-free watching and access to a wider library of anime and Asian dramas, free viewers may only access a small selection of the available content.

Is Crunchyroll available offline?

Crunchyroll does not yet allow offline watching. To view material on Crunchyroll, you must have a working internet connection.

Can I use Crunchyroll from anywhere in the world?

Although Crunchyroll is accessible in the majority of nations, your location may affect the library of available content. Due to licensing constraints, some programmes could also be region-locked and unavailable in specific nations.

Which hardware is compatible with Crunchyroll streaming?

Web browsers, mobile devices (iOS and Android), game consoles (such as PlayStation and Xbox), smart TVs, and streaming devices are just a few of the many platforms that Crunchyroll is compatible with (such as Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV).

Can I give someone else access to my Crunchyroll account?

Premium customers to Crunchyroll may stream content simultaneously on up to two devices with a single account. Sharing login information with others or streaming on many devices at once can, however, be against Crunchyroll’s terms of service.

Why are there commercials on Crunchyroll even if you have a premium subscription?

Despite the fact that most of Crunchyroll’s premium content is ad-free, certain older series could still contain commercials because of licensing arrangements.

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