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E68 Error Frigidaire Dryer-How to fix?

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dryer that’s on the fritz, especially if it displays an error code you’re not familiar with. A case in point is the E68 error that sometimes plagues the owners of Frigidaire dryers. However, just knowing the cause of this annoying problem can alleviate some stress and point you towards a viable solution. This article will guide you in understanding and troubleshooting the dreaded E68 error on your Frigidaire dryer, ensuring your machine is back up and running in no time

Understanding the E68 Error

The E68 error is a common problem in Frigidaire dryers, which typically indicates a stuck button on your dryer’s keypad. This issue essentially means one or more keys in the user interface are no longer functioning as they should, which can greatly affect the operation of the appliance. The error can be intermittent, leading to inconsistent drying cycles and overall inefficiency. This problem is not just frustrating; it has the potential to increase energy consumption due to extended drying times.

Interpreting the Error

While the E68 error is usually linked to a stuck keypad, it’s also crucial to understand that it can be a symptom of a more significant underlying problem such as a faulty control board. To effectively diagnose and fix this issue, you must take steps to confirm the cause before attempting any repairs.

Steps to Fix the E68 Error

Step 1: Power Cycle Your Dryer

The first step to resolve the E68 error is to reset your dryer. To do this, disconnect the dryer from the electrical supply, wait for about one minute, and then reconnect it. Although this solution sounds simple, sometimes a power cycle can clear the fault and reset the dryer’s system.

Step 2: Check the Dryer’s Buttons

If the error persists after a power cycle, manually check the control panel’s buttons. Ensure none of them are stuck. If a button is stuck, free it gently using a thin, non-metallic tool. Be careful not to damage the control panel as this might lead to more problems.

Step 3: Test the Interface

In case resetting and checking the buttons doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to test the interface to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Starting with the dryer in a standby mode, press and hold the “select” and “cancel” buttons at the same time for six seconds to initialize the service diagnostic mode, then check if the error persists.

When to Call a Professional

If the E68 error remains after following the above steps, it’s time to seek professional assistance. The issue might be a faulty control board, a complex problem that requires the skills and expertise of a trained technician. Remember, attempting a DIY repair on such an intricate part can lead to more damage and unnecessary cost.

Preventing Future Errors

To lower the risk of the E68 error occurring again, or any other faults, take some preventative measures. Regular cleaning, proper use, and routine check-ups by professionals can keep your Frigidaire dryer functioning optimally and efficiently. Remember, it’s easier and less costly to prevent a problem than to fix one after it has happened.

While an E68 error is indeed frustrating, knowing what it means and what to do about it can give you peace of mind. If all else fails, remember that calling a professional is not a defeat, but a commitment to the longevity of your appliance.

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