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http error 520 Tachiyomi

Are you a manga enthusiast using Tachiyomi who’s recently stumbled upon the puzzling HTTP error 520? This error can be a roadblock in your seamless reading experience, leaving you frustrated and confused. But worry not! This article is your one-stop guide to understanding and resolving this error, ensuring you get back to enjoying your favorite manga in no time.

http error 520 Tachiyomi

Reasons behind the HTTP Error 520 issue in Tachiyomi

Certainly! Below are the reasons behind the HTTP Error 520 issue in Tachiyomi:

  1. Server Overload or Downtime: One of the most common causes of HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi is when the manga source’s server is overloaded or undergoing maintenance. This leads to a failure in proper server response, triggering the error.
  2. Network Instability: If your internet connection is unstable or weak, Tachiyomi might struggle to maintain a stable connection with the server, resulting in this error.
  3. Outdated Tachiyomi App or Extensions: Running an outdated version of the Tachiyomi app or its extensions can lead to compatibility issues and bugs, one of which may manifest as the HTTP Error 520.
  4. Accumulated Cache and Data: Over time, the Tachiyomi app accumulates cache and data, which can sometimes cause glitches like the HTTP Error 520.
  5. DNS Configuration Issues: Incorrect or suboptimal DNS settings in your device can interfere with the app’s ability to connect to servers, potentially causing this error.
  6. Content Restrictions: Some manga sources have region-specific restrictions. If you’re attempting to access content that’s not available in your region, it might result in HTTP Error 520.
  7. IP Address Blocking: In some cases, a user’s IP address might be blocked by the server due to various reasons, such as suspected malicious activity, leading to this error.

Each of these reasons can contribute to the occurrence of HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi, affecting your reading experience. Identifying the exact cause is the first step in resolving the issue.

How to Fix the HTTP Error 520 issue in Tachiyomi?

Fix 1: Resolving Server Overload or Downtime Issues

When you encounter HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi due to server overload or downtime, follow these detailed steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Verify Server Status

  1. Check the Source’s Official Website: Visit the official website of the manga source you are trying to access in Tachiyomi. Look for any announcements or notices regarding server maintenance or downtime.
  2. Use Online Server Status Checkers: There are various online tools available to check the status of a server. Input the URL of the manga source and see if the server is down for everyone or just for you.

Step 2: Wait and Retry

  1. Patience is Key: If the server is indeed down, the most straightforward solution is to wait. Server issues are usually resolved by the website’s technical team in due course.
  2. Retry After a While: Periodically, try accessing the manga source again. Sometimes server issues are resolved quickly.

Step 3: Check Community Forums

  1. Visit Tachiyomi Forums: Check forums or discussion boards related to Tachiyomi. Users often share real-time updates about server statuses and any widespread issues.
  2. Engage in Community Discussions: If others are facing the same issue, discussions in these forums can provide insights or alternative solutions.

Step 4: Alternative Manga Sources

  1. Explore Other Sources: If the server issue persists, consider using alternative manga sources available within Tachiyomi. It’s always good to have backup options for your favorite manga.
  2. Add New Extensions: Tachiyomi allows the addition of various extensions that host different manga sources. Explore and add new ones if necessary.

Step 5: Stay Updated

  1. Follow Official Channels: Keep an eye on the official social media pages or websites of the manga source for updates regarding server status.
  2. Enable Notifications: If possible, enable notifications on these platforms to receive timely updates.

Step 6: Report the Issue (If Persistent)

  1. Contact Support: If the server issue seems unusually long, consider reaching out to the support team of the manga source.
  2. Provide Necessary Details: When reporting, include details like the error message, screenshots, and the time when the issue was first noticed.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage the situation when faced with a server overload or downtime causing HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi. Remember, server-related issues are often beyond the control of the app itself, so patience and utilizing alternative sources can be key strategies.

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Fix 2: Addressing Network Instability

To resolve HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi caused by network instability, the focus should be on ensuring a stable and robust internet connection. Begin by resetting your internet router, which can often resolve minor connectivity glitches. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the router to improve the signal strength. Alternatively, switch to a mobile data connection to check if the issue persists, as sometimes the problem might be specific to the Wi-Fi network.

Another effective solution is to disable and then re-enable the network connection on your device. This simple action can refresh your connection to the network. For those using mobile data, toggling the airplane mode on and off can achieve a similar result.

If these measures don’t work, consider contacting your internet service provider. They can provide insights into any ongoing issues or maintenance work that might be affecting your connectivity. Additionally, they might offer specific solutions tailored to your network setup.

Fix 3: Updating Tachiyomi and Extensions

Keeping Tachiyomi and its extensions up-to-date is crucial for preventing and fixing HTTP Error 520. Developers continuously release updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs, which can include resolving unknown server errors like the 520.

To update the Tachiyomi app, visit the official website or the app’s page in your device’s app store. If there’s an update available, install it immediately. For updating extensions, open the Tachiyomi app, navigate to the extensions section, and look for any available updates. Updating extensions is just as important as updating the app itself, as these are often the bridge between the app and the manga sources.

Sometimes, simply refreshing the extension list can prompt the app to check for and apply any pending updates. Regularly checking for updates ensures that you’re not only avoiding potential errors like the 520 but also enjoying the best possible manga reading experience with the latest features and improvements.

Fix 4: Clearing Cache and Data in Tachiyomi

Clearing the cache and data of the Tachiyomi app can be a practical solution for resolving HTTP Error 520. Accumulated cache and stored data, over time, might lead to various glitches, including connectivity issues. To clear the cache, navigate to your device’s settings, find Tachiyomi in the list of installed applications, and select the option to clear cache. This action doesn’t delete your reading history or bookmarks but helps in refreshing the app’s operations.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, consider clearing the app’s data as a more thorough approach. This step is more drastic as it resets the app to its original state, removing all your settings, history, and downloaded content. It’s akin to a fresh installation of the app, which can often iron out persistent issues like the HTTP Error 520.

Fix 5: Changing DNS Settings

Altering the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on your device is another effective method to tackle HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi. Sometimes, the issue might not be with the app or the server but with how your device connects to these servers. Switching to a more reliable DNS service, like Google DNS or OpenDNS, can enhance connectivity and potentially resolve the error.

To change the DNS settings, access your device’s Wi-Fi settings and modify the network configuration. Here, replace the existing DNS addresses with those of Google DNS ( and or OpenDNS ( and This adjustment is often straightforward and can significantly improve your internet connection’s stability and speed, which might be all that’s needed to solve the HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi.

Fix 6: Using a VPN Service

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be a solution to the HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi, especially if the issue is related to regional restrictions or IP address blocking. A VPN helps by masking your IP address and routing your internet connection through servers in different locations. This can bypass regional blocks and might resolve the error.

  1. Select a Reputable VPN Service: Choose a reliable VPN provider. There are various options available, both free and paid, but ensure you select one that is known for its speed and security.
  2. Install and Set Up the VPN: Download and install the VPN app on your device. Follow the setup instructions provided by the VPN service.
  3. Connect to a VPN Server: Open the VPN app and connect to a server. For better speed, choose a server that is geographically closer to you, unless you’re trying to bypass a region-specific block.
  4. Retry Accessing Tachiyomi: Once connected to the VPN, open Tachiyomi and try accessing the manga source again. If the error was due to regional restrictions or IP blocking, it should now be resolved.
  5. Disconnect VPN After Use: Remember to disconnect the VPN when you’re done using Tachiyomi. Constant use of VPN can slow down your overall internet connection.

Fix 7: Refreshing Extension List and Re-adding Sources

Sometimes, refreshing the extension list and re-adding manga sources in Tachiyomi can fix HTTP Error 520, especially if the issue is with specific sources.

  1. Open Tachiyomi and Go to Extensions: Launch the Tachiyomi app and navigate to the extensions section.
  2. Refresh the Extension List: Look for an option to refresh or update the list of extensions. This action can help the app check for updates or fixes related to specific sources.
  3. Remove and Re-add Sources: If a particular source is causing the issue, try removing it from your list and then re-adding it. This can sometimes reset any glitches associated with the source.
  4. Check for Source-Specific Updates: Some extensions might receive updates that are not automatically applied. Manually check for these updates in the extensions section.
  5. Restart Tachiyomi: After making these changes, close and restart the Tachiyomi app to ensure all updates and changes are properly applied.

Implementing these additional fixes can enhance your chances of resolving HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi, letting you return to an uninterrupted manga reading experience.

 Fix 8: Contacting Support or Community Forums

If the HTTP Error 520 persists, seeking help from the Tachiyomi community or the app’s support team can be beneficial. They can offer specific advice and solutions.

  1. Visit Tachiyomi Forums: Access forums or discussion boards related to Tachiyomi. You can find these through a simple web search or on platforms like Reddit.
  2. Post Your Query: Describe the issue you’re facing in detail. Include information like the error message, what you were trying to access, and what fixes you’ve already attempted.
  3. Read Through Existing Threads: Often, other users might have faced similar issues and shared solutions. Browse through the forum to find relevant discussions.
  4. Contact Tachiyomi Support: If forum browsing doesn’t yield results, reach out to Tachiyomi’s support team through their official website or email.
  5. Be Patient and Follow Up: Support teams and community forums may take some time to respond. Be patient and check back for any replies or suggestions.


HTTP error 520 in Tachiyomi can be a temporary setback for manga enthusiasts. However, by understanding its causes and exploring various solutions like checking server status, updating the app, altering DNS settings, or even using a VPN, you can swiftly overcome this hurdle. Remember, the Tachiyomi community and support teams are always there to assist you. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to tackle this error head-on and dive back into your beloved manga world.


What exactly is HTTP Error 520 in Tachiyomi?

It’s a server error indicating unknown issues between Tachiyomi and the manga source.

Can server overload cause HTTP Error 520?

Yes, server overloads or maintenance can trigger this error in the app.

Will updating Tachiyomi fix the error?

Often, yes. Updates can resolve bugs causing HTTP Error 520.

Is clearing cache in Tachiyomi helpful for 520 error?

Clearing cache can fix minor glitches, possibly resolving the error.

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