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F20 Error Code Kenmore Washer-How to fix?

Understanding and Fixing the F20 Error Code on Your Kenmore Washer

If you own a Kenmore washer, you know it’s a reliable appliance that typically gives years of service without a problem. However, when you start seeing the F20 error code flashing on your washer’s control panel, it’s a clear indication that something is off. Fortunately, understanding and fixing this issue may be easier than you think.

The F20 error code on a Kenmore washer represents a water inlet problem. Simply put, it indicates that your washer isn’t getting the required amount of water within a stipulated time (usually eight minutes). Hence, the machine can’t function properly and requires immediate attention.

Common Causes of the F20 Error Code on Kenmore Washer

The causes behind the F20 error code on Kenmore Washer vary but primarily revolve around issues with the water supply. A few common reasons could be:

  • Your water pressure might be too low for the washer to fill up adequately in the required time.
  • There could be a problem with the water inlet valve or the screens might be clogged by dirt or debris.
  • Your washer hoses might have kinks or other obstructions.
  • There could be an issue with the water-level pressure switch hose.

How to Fix the F20 Error Code on Kenmore Washer

Fixing the F20 Error Code yourself saves you from potentially expensive maintenance calls.

First, you should check if the water faucets connected to the washer are fully open, providing proper water flow. If your water pressure is less than 10 psi, the water inlet valve can’t function correctly, and you’ll need to increase the water pressure.

Next, examine the water inlet valve screens. If filled with debris or dirt, this impedes water flow, causing the F20 error code. If they appear dirty, run them under water until clean. If the screens are damaged or do not clean up, you may need to replace them.

Afterward, examine your hoses for kinks or obstructions. If found, straighten the hose or remove the obstruction.

Lastly, check the water-level pressure switch hose for any damage. If damaged, replace the hose. Otherwise, ensure it’s properly connected.

Preventive Measures to Avoid the F20 Error Code on Kenmore Washer

Understanding how to prevent this Kenmore washer issue is crucial for avoiding disruptions in your laundry routine.

Firstly, maintain optimal water pressure to your washing machine by regularly checking and adjusting it as necessary.

Secondly, clean your water inlet valve screens frequently, at least twice a year. This increases their lifespan and efficiency.

Thirdly, avoid overloading your washer. Even though your Kenmore washer is equipped to handle heavy loads, constantly pushing it to the limit might lead to issues later on.

Lastly, regularly inspect your hoses and pressure switch for any signs of wear and tear. Early detection of potential problems could save you from dealing with the dreaded F20 error code.


While encountering the F20 error code on your Kenmore washer might seem inconvenient, it doesn’t always merit an immediate call to the service department. With some basic understanding of your washer and routine maintenance, you can effortlessly take care of this issue and ensure smooth, everyday operation.

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