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How to block no caller id numbers?

Remember that feeling? Sure you do, you’re about to doze off when you’re jerked awake by a call from a “no caller ID” number. You pick it up, hoping it’s someone important, only to be met with a pre-recorded message promising a once in a lifetime offer. It’s these types of unwanted calls that illustrate the importance of learning how to block no caller ID numbers effectively.

The Rise of No Caller ID Calls

According to a study by Truecaller, Americans received an estimated 58.5 billion robocalls in 2019. That eye-watering figure translates into 178.7 calls per person affected! With statistics like these, it’s clear why many individuals are desperate to learn how to prevent these pesky, often intrusive calls.

Why Do People Use No Caller ID?

In a nutshell, people use no caller ID for anonymity. Telemarketers, scam callers, or even those who merely wish to conceal their identity often employ this feature. By hiding their number, these individuals or companies can mask their true intentions, often inconveniencing the recipient.

Blocking No Caller ID Calls on Mobile Devices

Interestingly, every cell phone manufacturer has a different process for blocking no caller ID numbers. Let’s focus on some of the most common devices, Apple’s iPhones and phones using Google’s Android operating system.

iPhone Users: Apple doesn’t currently provide an in-built solution to block these anonymous calls specifically. Yet, there’s a workaround – by making use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature. You can enable this and allow calls only from your contacts list. This would effectively block all unknown numbers, including those labelled as “no caller ID”. It is accessed via Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From > All Contacts.

Android Users: On most Android devices, users can block all calls from unknown numbers. To do this, go to the Phone app > Settings > Block numbers, and enable ‘Block unknown callers’. Do note that this might vary in different Android versions and phone models.

The Role of Third-Party Apps

There’s an abundance of third-party apps available on both, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, that offer advanced call-blocking features. They filter out incoming calls and use a comprehensive system to block identified spam numbers. Examples of these apps include Hiya, Truecaller, and Nomorobo, among others. Many come with free versions, although premium subscriptions offer extended features. Be aware that these apps require access to your call logs to function, so ensure you trust the app provider.

Consider Pairing with a Carrier-Level Solution

Several cell service companies, like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, have their own solutions to blocking anonymous calls. They offer carrier-level solutions like AT&T’s Call Protect or Verizon’s Call Filter, which can be standalone apps or features you can activate on your phone.

Blocking No Caller ID Calls on Landlines

Landlines are not immune from these pesky calls either. Some telephone companies have options that allow you to block anonymous calls automatically. Moreover, devices like the CPR Call Blocker Shield can prove useful as well, being plugged between your landline and the phone to prevent any unknown numbers from passing through.

In conclusion, the fight against anonymous calls is multi-faceted, requiring a mix of device settings adjustments, third-party apps, and carrier-level solutions. As our methods of communication evolve, it is necessary to continually update our knowledge and tactics on managing and staying one step ahead of these irritations. The time spent learning how to block no caller ID numbers is definitely worth the resulting peace of mind.

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