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How to find out what iPhone you have

Steve Jobs unveiled the first phone, the first iPhone on the 29th of June 2007 – about 15 years after the date. Since the time the iPhone has changed a lot in terms of technology and more modern models. The iPhone has been released more than twelve iPhones across different generations. Certain models can be distinguished from other models. iPhone X may seem visibly different from iPhone 11 for example, but an iPhone 6 from a model 7 might not be as like a different model for someone who doesn’t have a connection with that much. This article can provide you learn finding out which iPhone you own.

Even if you’ve been an iPhone user for a while but you might not be aware of the exact model of iPhone that you’re currently using. Particularly if you weren’t able to purchase your iPhone yourself. Even experienced users may not be able tell the different iPhone models from one another that easily. Each updated iPhone model will not come with major design changes. It’s just going to be packing the most significant improvements inside, including better processors, battery upgrades and more complex cameras, for example.

How to find out what iPhone you have

What makes it so difficult to determine?

iPhones were previously equipped with the model’s name imprinted on their cases earlier. This could aid the user in recognize the particular model. However, Apple has removed having the “Designed in California” engraving on the back of the case. This has made it more difficult for an non-religious Apple fan to understand the exact model. For those who do not attend or participate in Apple keynotes, the events during which Apple introduces its latest products is quite difficult to stay informed about the various models that were introduced in 2007.

This could pose problematic in scenarios when you’re trying to figure out the iPhone you own. Particularly when you are trying to sell the model you have or contemplating buying a secondhand one. In both instances knowing the model can help you study the different configurations, specifications and compatibilities for the iPhone. The same applies to situations where you need to be aware of your iPhone model to ensure iOS updates compatibility. Since only certain models will work with the most recent iOS version.

What Do I have on my iPhone?

If you’re facing the same issue We can help you to solve the issue. Understanding the exact model is quite easy. There are a variety of methods to do it. The iOS 10.3 is the initial version to come out with the capability of viewing your model in Settings. Before this version, that is iOS 10.2.1 or later you need to locate an individual model’s model. The model numeral is assigned to the respective generation. For both of these scenarios we have provided the steps you need to follow to help you determine which iPhone that you own.

If you have models that range from iPhone 5 to the latest ones, if you’ve upgraded up to iOS 10.3 or higher, then the procedure is quite easy. You can go to your Settings and verify the model. For older models, search for your physical model’s number. Every model has its specific “A” model number, which can be used to determine the model. But don’t worry, in both instances, we’ll help you navigate the steps necessary to get familiar with the iPhone model.

Method 1: From Settings App

This is the most straightforward and fastest way to identify the iPhone model. This, as we’ve mentioned, is applicable to the latest models of iPhone 5, provided it is running iOS 10.3 or greater. It’s the same for all recent models including the latest iPhone 13 or an iPhone SE.

  • You can access the Settings App.
  • Tap on General > About.

The About page provides general information on your iOS Version, capacity of storage and model number. Be aware that you can make use of these information if you plan to sell the present iPhone model.

  • For models that are running iOS 12.2 and later versions, it is possible to look up the model’s name here at the bottom of the page.

To search for the older iOS versions iPhone versions.

  • When you go into General > About you’ll see a model’s number under the model’s name.
  • It is also known as the SKU code that starts with an M or an N.
  • By tapping on this code you’ll see it get replaced with another number.
  • This is the model number beginning with A.

These numbers are for each generation. This number can be used to determine which iPhone model you are using. It is possible to do this by skipping the first method and navigating the list of models. After that, you can match your number with the exact iPhone version.

Method 2. Model numbers is etched into the display.

One method to identify the iPhone version is to look up the model number that is etched on the device. You can do this by looking for a model number beginning in the letters A. You can then match this number to the list of numbers in the following section. It also comes with an benefit. You can do this test using a phone that is turned off. This method is only valid for iPhone models up to iPhone 7. Since then, Apple has been unable to print A numbers on the back of the phone.

How do I locate this code?

It is easy to flip the phone over to see the iPhone model number, which is printed on the back of the phone. It is important to note that this numbers are printed at a a small dimensions and might require magnifying glasses. The number is marked “Model” and starts with the letter “A”. For instance, “A1214”.

Through Your SIM tray

Another location to find the iPhone model’s number can be found through the SIM tray on your iPhone. To locate this, a magnifying glass is advised as it could be difficult to see with a naked eye. When you’re done you need to open your SIM tray with any of the helpful tools. If you take a closer look you will find the number in the slot in which the SIM is inserted.

Method 3: Visual Inspection

Didn’t any of the above strategies work for you? Are you still unsure of which iPhone model you own? Perhaps you don’t have the phone currently? But don’t fret we’ve got you covered. Below, we have included description of each model iPhone ever released. It is possible to compare the data and identify the model. This is particularly useful to find devices that are bricked or to evaluate other models, too.

Predicted Models List iPhones you might have

Each iPhone model as well as their models are listed here. It is possible to use this list to find your model’s number when you come across the iPhone model. It begins with the most recent model, and then goes down to the oldest model in number of generations.

Series 13 iPhones

iPhone 13

It was launched in 2021 and is equipped with the same features as the predecessor, the iPhone 12. It has glass backs, square edges and. Houses can be seen on the top of the display that is equipped by Face ID as well as the 6.1-inch display. One distinct characteristic of this model, compared to that of iPhone 12, is its primary camera setup. Two lenses are placed diagonally towards each other. It is available in the colors red, purple, green blue, white and black.

iPhone 13 . Mini

It’s the smaller version that is a smaller version of iPhone 13 and is visually identical, however it is smaller in terms of size. It features an 5.4-inch display and is available in midnight, starlight and red, as well as pink blue, green, and colors.

iPhone 13 Pro

The name suggests that it is the bigger sister to the iPhone 13. and has nearly the same features and features. It also shares some color variations. However, there are some aspects to look for. Particularly, the smaller top-of-the-line display as well as the camera housing. The back panel occupies less space than the earlier generation. It is available with Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue, Graphite, and Alpine Green and has a 6.1-inch super-resolution display.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The flagship model of the manufacturer. model that comes with top-of-the-line specifications and features. It is evident by the 6.7 large-sized display. The rear panel is matte glass that has three cameras. It is available in two colors: light sierra blue and new green different from iPhone 12 Pro Max. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Series 12 iPhones

iPhone 12

In 2020, as the other phones from the 12 series with sharp edges that were squared off rather than the curving edges that were seen on previous models. The phone has the 6.1-inch display with a dual camera rear setup. The model is available in light dark blue, black white, red and purple variations. The primary difference between iPhone 12 and 13 is its camera layout. It is one over the other.

iPhone 12 Mini

Similar design to the 12 however in a smaller size with a an 5.4-inch screen. The back of the unit is glass case and has a bigger square camera module on the left.

iPhone 12 Pro

The model is the 6.1-inch screen model from the 12 series, with a triple camera configuration. The model came in black, gold silver/white, dark blue models. The rear camera configuration is smaller than that in that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Series 11 iPhones

iPhone 11

The model was released in 2019 along with the other models of the series 11. It was the cheapest model of the series and was equipped with a distinctive LCD display as well as a dual-camera arrangement at the rear. It was released with the black and yellow, as well as a green, white purple, red, and black version that had a plastic casing rather than glass casing.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro has very distinct differences from it’s predecessor, the iPhone 11. 11 Pro is equipped with the three-camera setup that is located on the rear. It has an 5.8-inch screen. It measures approximately 144mm by 71.4mm in size.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is the more powerful model from that iPhone 11 Pro model. It is larger than the other models and measures 158mm by 77.8 millimeters in dimension.

Series X iPhones

The first TV series to remove the home button. It was then followed by an infinity screen.

iPhone XR

The only model of this class to have only one camera and no display.

iPhone X

The iPhone X was the first iPhone that had its display extend to the bottom of the chassis . It also had two cameras. There were two color options available : the silver color as well as Space Gray.

iPhone Xs

It was the same but with a slight upgrade to iPhone X. It was slightly upgraded from iPhone X but came in black, yellow, coral white, blue and red.

iPhone XS Max

The most noticeable feature is its massive dimensions, as well as a 6.5-inch display. This was the largest model in the series. It was available in three colors: silver, gold as well as Space Gray.

Series SE iPhones

iPhone SE (3rd Generation)

The iPhone SE 3rd generation is of the entry-level model iPhone SE. Like other SEs it sports an on-home button as well as an 4.7-inch touchscreen display. However, it comes in version that is toned down from the existing colors.

iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

Apple revived the cult SE in 2020, but it came in a compact version the original SE version of the first generation.

iPhone SE (2016)

This is the original model of the series SE. The design elements were the same as model 5s. It also featured an SE stamp on the rear.

Series 8 iPhones

iPhone 8

Like it’s an iPhone 7, this was one of the series that did not feature an actual home button, other than the more recent SE versions. It was also the only iPhone that did not have a headphone connector. It had glass back.

iPhone 8 Plus

Though it’s not quite as good as iPhone 7 plus, this version had the 5.5-inch screen and camera with twin lenses that was lifted slightly from the back , but without an audio Jack.

The rest of the Series

The remainder of the series starting with iPhone 7 to the original first generation iPhone included a backside material other than non-engraved glass like aluminum up to series 5 and beyond plastic for series 5c glass for series 4, glasses for series 4 and finally, plastic in series 3, and finally the first model.

The models of this series, with the exception of 7 and the initial model had an S model that was an improved version of the initial. The most appealing aspect of this series is that all had the model’s names inscribed on their backs and can be easily identified.


If you’re still struggling to solve the problem for any reason and you’re still not able to determine how to figure out which iPhone it is that own there are several alternatives. You can bring your phone to an Apple showroom or talk to a fervent Apple user to help you. If you’d like to make it on your own and have no help, look at the YouTube videos showing various models.


How do I upgrade the version of my iOS version?

It is done by going into Settings Applications > General > Software update. Check that your iPhone version is up-to date with the most recent software and that it has sufficient space to download it.

Do I have the option of selling my iPhone to Apple?

You are not able to trade in your iPhone as such to Apple to pay for it. You can however exchange it with the company to receive immediate credit towards a brand new iPhone model that is available. This can be done by calling any approved Apple dealer.

Does my iPhone supports 4G?

To learn more, head into Settings and General. Then click Cellular. There you will find the option to enable 4G LTE, if your device supports it. Models running iPhone 4 and older do not support 4G.

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