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How to fix Palworld furnace not working?

As avid players diligently explore and shape the vivid wilderness of Pocketpair’s Palworld, one obstacle that frequently interrupts their adventure is the surprising issue of their in-game furnace not working properly. Technical issues can be a major frustration and inconvenience for gamers, especially when it obstructs vital gameplay elements such as crafting and smelting resources in Palworld. With an understanding of this pressing issue, this article aims to provide comprehensive solutions to fix a non-functional furnace in Palworld.

Understanding the Issue

Before diving into the solutions, it’s imperative to first understand the conditions that lead to the problem. When the furnace in Palworld doesn’t operate, players may encounter several potential complications. It may refuse to smelt items, misread input materials, or not release the output items. The issue may arise due to game glitches, incorrect furnace usage, or even local device problems.

Initial Troubleshooting

Firstly, ensure that you are using the furnace properly. In Palworld, the furnace cannot function without fuel. Different items can serve as fuel, but the most common is coal. Ensure that you’ve placed the correct item (that you wish to smelt or cook) in the top slot and the fuel in the bottom slot.

Game Update and Proper Installation

Often, such glitches are addressed by the developers in subsequent game updates. Always have your game up-to-date. If your furnace stops working immediately after an update, it’s recommended to reinstall Palworld. Unresolved bugs from the previous version may carry over and reinstalling could rectify this. Remember to back up your saved game files before proceeding with uninstallation.

Checking Local Device

At times, this issue may not even originate from the game but your local device. Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements to play Palworld. The game demands a minimum of 8GB RAM, and at least an Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD FX-6300 processor, among other requirements. You may see a boost in your game’s performance and the annihilation of bugs like the furnace issue by upgrading your hardware components if they don’t meet these stipulations.

Forums and Support Platforms

You are not alone in encountering this problem. Wide-ranging issues in popular games like Palworld frequently spawn discussions in dedicated forums and support platforms. Browsing through these platforms, you might find a specific solution that successfully addressed the furnace disfunction for other players. Equally, the Palworld developers are active on these platforms, providing official solutions and updates on bug fixes.

Raising a Ticket

If your furnace issue persists even after applying the above fixes, consider raising a support ticket with Pocketpair. They offer prompt solutions and frequently take user feedback to develop bug-fixing patches.

A smoothly functioning furnace is vital in Palworld to create weaponry, build structures, and smelt valuable items. By following these guidelines, you should be well-equipped to identify and tackle the causes of a malfunctioning furnace. Enjoy unhindered gameplay in your journey of survival, creation, and the taming of exotic creatures in Palworld.

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