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How to fix Uber eats unknown error?

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re hungry, and just as you’re about to place an order via your Uber Eats app, an ‘unknown error‘ message pops up. One minute, you’re picturing yourself sinking your teeth into a juicy burger, and the next, you’re left wondering what went wrong. Hurried searches online serve no definitive solution, and you’re left stumped amidst a flurry of hungry irritation. For countless users, this seemingly unexplainable detriment to an otherwise smooth food ordering experience has been a recurring issue. But, worry not, resolving the Uber Eats unknown error isn’t as elusive as you might think.

How to fix Uber eats unknown error?

Examining the Issue: When does the Uber Eats Unknown Error occur?

The Uber Eats unknown error typically kicks in as users try to login or at the end of the ordering process. An unexpected pop-up indicates an unknown error, offering no further explanation or code to understand what may have triggered it. Many users have reported instances where their orders are lost, and the cart gets cleared, throwing their plans for a swift and delightful meal off track.

Diagnosing the Problem: Why could the Uber Eats Unknown Error occur?

You may be surprised to know that there could be several reasons contributing to the ‘unknown error.’ It might be due to issues stemming from the app itself, problems with your device’s settings, network connectivity, or even payment methods. In some cases, the error might also be due to larger server-related technical glitches on Uber Eats’ end.


To resolve the Uber Eats unknown error, a few tried-and-tested solutions come into play. Depending on the root cause, the issue may require a combination of fixes.

Updating the App:
A common solution to several app-related issues often involves updating the app. An outdated app version may lack the latest bug fixes, leading to problems like the unknown error.

Restarting your Device:
Sometimes, shutting down your device and switching it back on can put things back to normal. You could also close the app and then reopen it.

Checking Network Connectivity:
This error could also be associated with poor internet connection or network-related problems. Verifying your device’s data or Wi-Fi connectivity may help.

Reviewing your Payment Method:
If your listed payment method is expired or invalid, it could cause issues during the order process. Regularly updating your payment information can prevent such errors.

Reinstalling the App:
Reinstalling the application could iron out any glitches that may be eliciting the error, reinstating seamless functionality.

When the Issue persists

Sometimes, despite implementing every possible solution, the error might persist. In such cases, contacting Uber Eats’ customer service can be the best course of action. They can guide you through professional troubleshooting steps or escalate the issue promptly if it’s related to larger server issues.

While the Uber Eats unknown error can cause temporary mealtime frustration, understanding the possible causes can help resolve the problem swiftly and efficiently. It’s important to remember that glitches are a part of any technical landscape, and efficient resolutions are often just a couple of steps away. So, bolts those meals, and keep the order notifications chiming!

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