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How to get equipment medals in dragon ball legends?

Dragon Ball Legends, the widely popular mobile role-playing game, offers an intuitive and compelling way for fans to step into the world of their favorite anime. One of the major elements that contribute to its appeal and immense challenge is the addition of equipment medals. Crafting an effective strategy to gather these coveted awards is a thrilling endeavor that rewards player skill and strategic planning. So, how does one get equipment medals in Dragon Ball Legends?

Understanding Equipment Medals

Equipment Medals are a type of currency in Dragon Ball Legends. They can be exchanged for different types of equipment, including powerful items that enhance your characters’ stats. The process to acquire these medals however, isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a good grasp of gameplay mechanics, regular participation in events, and keen situational awareness during battles.

Earning Medals through PvP Battles

Competing in PvP (Player versus Player) battles is one of the most straightforward ways to earn equipment medals. Winning these intense head-to-head competitions grants you “Honor Points”, which can be exchanged in the PvP shop for equipment medals. Successfully moving up the PvP ranks not only fortifies your honor points but also your equipment medal earnings, propelling you into higher tiers of game mastery.

Participating in Events

Dragon Ball Legends regularly runs various events that provide opportunities to earn equipment medals. These range from limited-time raids to specific team challenges, each of which presents its unique difficulty curve and rewards. The popular “Adventure” event, for instance, tasks you with sending your characters on timed quests. Upon successful completion, you’re rewarded with experience, various items, and of course, equipment medals.

Optimizing Strategies for Medal Acquisition

Players should carefully strategize their game plan to maximize equipment medal earnings. Being thoughtful about character selection and the allocation of resources can greatly influence your medal acquisition rate.

Character selection: Different characters harbor varying strengths in battles. For instance, characters classified under “EX” or “SP” are usually more potent, thus increasing your chances of victory in PvP battles and subsequently, multiplying your equipment medal earnings.

Allocation of resources: It’s wise to use superior equipment and resources on your stronger characters rather than distributing them evenly. This way, you create a small team of high-performing characters that can better secure victories and, thus, more equipment medals.

Managing and Exchanging Equipment Medals

Once you’ve earned a substantial number of equipment medals, it’s time to put them to good use. Head over to the Exchange Shop to exchange the medals for equipment with various benefits. This equipment can increase your characters’ HP, attack power, and many other stats.

To sum up, earning equipment medals in Dragon Ball Legends revolves around the tactical deployment of resources, selecting the right characters for the battles, and actively participating in in-game events. It’s a game element that rewards strategic depth and offers a fulfilling way to enhance your characters’ strength. Remember, the road to acquiring a significant number of equipment medals is a marathon, not a sprint, and each step taken enhances your Dragon Ball Legends journey.

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