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How to get festival medals in Dragon ball legends?

Dragon Ball Legends, the wildly popular mobile fighting game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has captivated players with its immersive gameplay and diverse character line-up. One point of contention among players, however, is the process of acquiring festival medals, a set of valuable in-game resources. This guide will not only demystify the process but also offer practical tips and strategies on how to get festival medals in Dragon Ball Legends.

Understanding the Role of Festival Medals in Dragon Ball Legends

Released in May 2018, Dragon Ball Legends has introduced various in-game items to its universe, with festival medals being among the more coveted. Festival medals serve an essential purpose – they are used in the Exchange Shop where you can swap them for rare items. Given their value, it’s unsurprising that players are always on a lookout for strategies to obtain these valuable resources.

The Primary Source – Legitimate Gameplay

The most straightforward way of acquiring festival medals in Dragon Ball Legends is through participation in the game’s storyline and various missions. When you complete specific challenges or meet distinct milestones in the story, the game rewards you with festival medals.

Special Events and Limited-Time Opportunities

Dragon Ball Legends frequently hosts special events or limited-time opportunities that reward players with festival medals. These can include holiday events, in-game anniversaries, or promotional activities. It’s vital to participate in as many of these as possible, as they are generally easier than missions and provide you with a large number of festival medals.

Tournaments and PvP Battles

A more competitive approach to acquiring festival medals is through the game’s PvP (Player vs Player) Battles and tournaments. Winning combats against other players or being successful in tournaments can net you a significant number of festival medals. However, this route can be quite challenging as it tests your knowledge of the game mechanics, the effectiveness of your character lineup, and your overall strategic skills.

The Importance of Daily Log Ins

A more relaxed yet overlooked method of accruing festival medals is through daily log-ins. Dragon Ball Legends often rewards loyal players who log in daily with a wealth of in-game items, including festival medals. Especially during promotional periods, logging in daily can lead to a consistent stream of festival medals.

Getting strategic with Clan Collaboration

Often, collaborating with your fellow players in clan activities can yield a significant number of festival medals. Contributing to the success of your group tasks or battling in clan vs clan competitions may be rewarding in terms of acquiring festival medals.

In summary, getting festival medals in Dragon Ball Legends may seem complex at first glance, but numerous routes can lead to steady medal counts. Between regular gameplay, special events, PvP battles, daily log-ins, and clan activities, you’re sure to find a method that matches your gaming style and schedule. So dive into the universe of Dragon Ball Legends, equip yourself with this knowledge, and get ready to conquer those festival medals. Remember to always enjoy your gaming journey, and the rewards will follow.

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