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Print Spooler Keeps Stopping-How to fix?

The fast-moving digital landscape requires seamless operation of numerous applications and hardware components to ensure effective communication and task accomplishment. Nonetheless, there are instances when technology proves to be more of a hindrance than an enabler of productivity. Such is the case when the print spooler keeps stopping. While it may sound like an insignificant issue, it can cause major disruptions, especially in work environments where printing is an integral part of daily operations. As it turns out, even the small hitch of the print spooler constantly stopping can bring an inflated workload of documents to an inconvenient halt.

What is a Print Spooler and Why Does It Stop?

Print Spooler is a software program in your computer that manages all print jobs sent to the printer. When the print spooler keeps stopping, it prevents the printer from receiving any print commands and, ultimately, from completing any printing tasks.

Numerous factors can lead to a print spooler constantly stopping, including printer driver issues, print job mismanagement, or problems with the print spooler service itself. Sometimes, the problem emanates from the operating system or the printer hardware. Although it is a common problem across different operating systems, Windows users often encounter such issues more regularly.

How to Fix the Print Spooler Issue

When it comes to troubleshooting this issue, several options serve as potential solutions.

Restarting the Print Spooler Service

Typically, the first method involves restarting the print spooler service through the control panel. The process involves stopping the service and starting it again. However, remember this fix is temporary and the problem may recur.

Refreshing the Print Spooler Files

Another strategy involves clearing the spooler files and restarting the spooler service. Deleting the printer jobs eases the load on the print spooler, which might solve the problem.

Updating/reinstalling the Printer Driver

Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can cause the spooler to stop. Updating or reinstalling the drivers may offer a long-lasting solution to the problem.

Adjusting Print Spooler Recovery Settings

Changing the recovery settings can help restart the service automatically in case of failure. Although not a comprehensive solution, adjusting the recovery settings minimizes the risk of the spooler stopping suddenly.

Diagnose Hardware Issues

Finally, look into your printer hardware. Any faults or malfunctions in the hardware can lead to the stopping of the spooler. It might be necessary to call a technician to diagnose and fix any hardware problem.


Though not a comprehensive list, these methods show how you can fix a recurrent print spooler stoppage. Understanding how the spooler service works opens doors to a more systematic, structured problem-solving approach to dealing with print spooler issues. In the digital age, where disruptions can cost time and money, technical literacy provides the key to seamless operations. Veterans in the field suggest approaching these seemingly small issues with patience and a concise method of troubleshooting: when addressed properly, this hitch of a spooler stopping can be easily rectified.

With the world heavily leaning into the digital domain, the importance of these quick tech-fixes goes beyond personal convenience to influencing operational productivity in our digitally-led lives. As such, knowledge in dealing with common technical issues like the print spooler keeps stopping situation is not just handy, but vital.

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