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Proctorio Connection Not Working-How to fix?

If you are an online learner who is facing issues with the Proctorio connection, don’t be alarmed. This form of remote proctoring is an innovative tool that ensures the integrity of virtual assessments; however, like any online tool, it can, on occasion, experience technical issues. One of the most prevalent problems faced by students worldwide is when their Proctorio connection ceases to function. But fret not, this is an issue that can quickly be addressed and fixed, ensuring that all students can sit their online exams with confidence.

Understanding the Proctorio Connection Issue

Proctorio uses advanced software that works in synchrony with the internet connection to monitor and recognize any irregularities during exams. When a problem arises with this software, it is usually referred to as a connection problem. On most occasions, this disruption is caused by unstable internet connections or insufficient bandwidth – a common issue for those in regions with less reliable internet infrastructure.

Fixing a Disrupted Proctorio Connection

Rather than becoming frustrated when this issue arises, there are specific actions you can take to fix the problem and maintain the credibility of your work. The main tactics include checking your system prerogatives, verifying your internet connection, and refreshing the Proctorio extension software.

Checking System Prerequisites

The first step in resolving an unsteady Proctorio connection is by checking your system’s compatibility. Ensuring that your device meets the Proctorio software requirements is paramount. Proctorio only supports the Google Chrome web browser and also requires an extension installed within Chrome. Verifying that you are using the latest Chrome browser version and that the Proctorio extension is installed is a sure way to maintain a secure connection.

Verifying Internet Connection

As Proctorio primarily operates online, a stable internet connection is fundamental. To verify whether your Proctorio connection issue is a result of your internet connection, consider running a speed test. Reliable sites such as Speedtest.net or Fast.com can help in this regard. If your internet speed or connectivity is found lacking, possible solutions include resetting the router, moving closer to the wifi source, or even connecting via an ethernet cable to ensure a more stable connection.

Refreshing Proctorio Software

When both internet and system prerequisites are proven reliable, the last remaining option is to refresh the Proctorio software. This step is straightforward — simply uninstalling the Proctorio extension from your Chrome browser, restarting the system, and then reinstalling the extension often proves effective.

Additional Support

If you have tried all the above solutions and your Proctorio connection is still not responding, it might be time to reach out to Proctorio’s 24/7 support, which offers assistance through webchat. With their help, any remaining issues should be swiftly resolved, enabling you to focus on the main task at hand – acing your online exams.

While we rely heavily on technology for online learning, technical glitches can occur and cause anxiety and disruption. Still, it’s important to remember that, although daunting, they are almost always resolvable. The Proctorio connection not working is just one typical example of a problem that, rather than signalling impending failure, simply requires a step-by-step approach — an approach that promises a swift return to smooth, enhanced online learning.

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