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Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song-How to fix?

Listening to your favorite track on Spotify and it suddenly stops mid-song can be unnerving, precisely when you’re deeply immersed in the melody or the lyrics. This disruption not only spoils the momentum but also raises questions about the reasons behind it. The Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song issue is not rare and has been experienced by users globally. While user complaints have been addressed by Spotify promptly, it continues to be a prevalent issue. Here, we delve into the reasons that might be causing this disruption and bring you reliable solutions to fix the problem, ensuring you can return to enjoy your playlists with peace.

Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song

Many attributing factors such as intermittent internet connection, outdated Spotify version, incomplete song cache, or issues on the device itself might be the reasons why Spotify keeps stopping mid song. Data congestion may also contribute to song breakpoints, as the application might fail to load music during peak usage hours.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Spotify Stopping Midsong Problem

To enhance Spotify user experience and prevent the irritation caused by sudden song breaks, we offer the following solutions to solve the problem.

The first and foremost step is to check your Internet connection. Since Spotify streams the songs, it requires a robust and stable internet connection. Encounter with Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song issue might be the first indicator to check your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

The second step would be to update your Spotify application to the latest version. Outdated versions may contain bugs that cause problems with proper app functioning. Hence, it is crucial to keep the app updated to enjoy a smooth, interruption-free music experience.

Cleaning Cache and Re-installation

If the issue persists, consider clearing your app cache. The Spotify might keep stopping mid song because of the incomplete song cache on the device. This action will also free up some memory on your device and could boost the app’s performance.

Along with clearing the cache, it’s suggested to reinstall the Spotify application. It’s a proven method of resolving many issues associated with Spotify, and several users have documented its success.

Optimizing Device Settings

If none of the above methods work, there could be settings on your device preventing Spotify from functioning correctly. The device’s battery optimization settings sometimes restrict applications to save power. If this is the case, consider disabling your battery optimization or even resetting your Spotify settings.

In some cases, the “Car View” mode on Spotify might be causing the issue. Disabling this mode has resolved the problem for some users.

Seek Help from Spotify Support

If you still face difficulties, it is always recommended to reach out to Spotify’s support team. They encompass professionals who are trained to resolve these specific issues and might propose a solution tailored specific to your situation to resolve the Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song problem.

Every application encounters its share of glitches and problems. Spotify, with a user base of 345 million monthly active users as of the end of 2020, faces challenges too. The Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song issue is merely a minor roadblock for the music enthusiasts who use this platform daily. It’s crucial to remember, there are always solutions available for any technical hiccup you might face, and with these actionable steps, no interruption can prevent you from enjoying your favorite tunes.

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