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Spotify listen along not working- How to fix?

Discovering the Solution for Spotify Listen Along Not Working

Have you ever been in the midst of a fun jam session with friends using Spotify’s Listen Along feature when the music abruptly comes to a halt? In a time when we are more digitally connected than ever, problems like this can not only disrupt the flow of our online parties but can also lead to a frustrating experience. Being at the center of such a situation would leave anyone searching for a workable solution on how to fix the Spotify Listen Along not working issue.

Let’s delve deeply into understanding this problem and its plausible solutions, ensuring a seamless Spotify experience again.

The Possible Causes for the Problem

There could be several reasons behind the Spotify Listen Along feature not working. Some of the common causes may include server-side issues, non-premium Spotify account, outdated Discord (a digital distribution platform) version, firewalls preventing the connection, ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues, or software bugs. Your first troubleshooting step should be to identify the root cause.

Guidelines on How to Fix Spotify Listen Along Not Working

Server-Side Issues: If the problem is on Spotify’s or Discord’s end, there might be little you can do but wait. It’s always a good idea to check if there are any reported outages online to save yourself from some unnecessary troubleshooting steps.

Premium Spotify Account: Ensure that you own a premium Spotify account, as the Listen Along feature is not supported for free Spotify users on Discord.

Outdated Discord Version: If you are using an outdated version of Discord, you must update it to the latest version because newer versions usually contain bug fixes, which might include a solution for your problem.

Firewall Issues: If your firewall is preventing Spotify from working correctly, you have to make sure that both Discord and Spotify are whitelisted in your firewall settings.

ISP Issues: If the problem is due to your ISP, it would help to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It would bypass the issues with your ISP and can help you connect to your Spotify session.

Software Bug: If the problem is due to a software bug, either performing a clean reinstall of Spotify or resetting Discord settings might help you.


While all these solutions might provide you some insight on how to fix the Spotify Listen Along not working issue, it is crucial to remember that sometimes these sorts of problems are inevitable. Sometimes they’re due to unforeseeable factors and the best solution could be as simple as waiting it out. Even the most tech-savvy individuals encounter perplexing technical difficulties. The key is not to get frustrated but keep a calm mind while troubleshooting.

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