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Starfield Mannequin Not Showing Armor-How to fix?

If you’ve been venturing into the expansive universe of Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG, you might have come across an issue that’s been bugging players: a mannequin not showcasing armor. This in-game glitch, while not affecting gameplay, is a headache for players wanting to display their hard-earned armor on their mannequin. But is there a fix to get your icy Starfield mannequin to cooperate? Let’s explore the solutions to this glitch.

Identifying the Starfield Mannequin Issue

Primarily, the problem arises when players try to transfer armor to the mannequin, but the gear doesn’t show up. From Starfield’s elegant Apophis Suit to the rugged Astronaut gear—no armor appears on the statue. Players have also reported instances where the mannequin shows only some parts of the armor, making it a partial problem. While it doesn’t necessarily impede gameplay, it’s a tad frustrating for players wanting to exhibit their outer galaxy fashion sense.

Starfield is renowned for its immersive gaming experience, and a minor glitch like a mannequin not showing armor can severely impede the game’s integrity.

Is there a Fix for the Starfield Mannequin Glitch?

The first question on most minds is, “How do I get Starfield mannequin to show armor?” Sadly, at the time of writing, Bethesda has not yet released an official patch that solely addresses the mannequin not displaying armor. However, players have discovered and shared a few workarounds that might mitigate this annoying mishap.

The first of these is trying to reload the game. Yes, this might sound like a cliche in gaming problem-solving, but many players have reported success after a simple game restart. It appears to reset the mannequin and allows it to display the armor.

Another recommendation is to try equipping the armor directly from your mannequin’s inventory. This method seems to mitigate the glitch to an extent, with some players claiming success.

Share Your Feedback with Bethesda

While the suggested methods are far from guaranteed fixes, Bethesda game developers are known for their receptiveness to player feedback. If you’re experiencing the Starfield mannequin issue, consider reporting the glitch directly to Bethesda. Many of their past patches are credited to the detailed feedback they receive from their dedicated player base.

Don’t forget that by reporting such glitches, you’re contributing to the betterment of the game’s ecosystem.

Expecting Updates from Bethesda

Considering the depth and complexity of Starfield, encountering such bugs is, unfortunately, part of the experience. Bethesda, however, is known for their diligent work in resolving such issues. It won’t be surprising if they soon release a patch to correct the mannequin glitch permanently.

In the meantime, try the workaround strategies provided or perhaps find solace in knowing that you’re not alone in this galaxy-sized hiccup. Whether you are traversing the farthest planets or displaying your stellar armor, remember, inconveniences such as this are part of intergalactic exploration in the phenomenal world of Starfield. The magic lies in the journey, glitchy mannequins, and all.

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