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Unimac Dryer Error Codes- How to fix?

Deciphering Unimac Dryer Error Codes: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Equipment malfunction is like a wrench in the machinery of your daily routine, especially when it comes to industrious appliances like the Unimac dryer. A glitch in your dryer can be as baffling as unraveling a foreign language. But don’t fret, we are here to simplify things. With our resourceful guide, you will soon be able to interpret and respond to Unimac Dryer Error Codes more proficiently.

Understanding the Unimac Dryer Error Codes

Understanding the coded language of your Unimac Dryer makes the journey towards a smooth laundry routine more attainable. Each error code gives a precise indication of what’s wrong with your dryer, thereby directing you towards a precise solution.

Notably, user-error codes usually start with an ‘E’, followed by two-cipher numbers. For instance, E10 signifies a power supply issue, while E12 means a motor issue. On the other hand, service error codes start with an ‘F’ followed by two numbers. An example would be F20, indicating an input fault.

Common Unimac Dryer Error Codes and Fixes

Let’s dive into some of the common error codes and their appropriate fixes to ensure seamless user experience:

E10/E11: Experiencing an E10 or E11 error message? This suggests that the control panel isn’t receiving adequate power. Check if your wires are all properly attached and your breaker is switched on. If things seem fine, you might need to replace the voltage regulator or the user interface pad.

E12: An E12 error code flags an issue with the motor. For a newer dryer model, the motor thermal protector might just need resetting. On the other hand, older models may require more intensive work like changing the alternator drive belt or even the motor assembly.

F20: This error code implies an input malfunction, suggesting that the humidity sensor needs to be checked. Other possible causes include checking the connectors to the control board and the sensors for their proper functioning.

Advanced Unimac Dryer Error Code Fixes

Some fixes need advanced technical expertise. Issues like F31 (Drive motor short circuit) or F32 (User Interface/ Cycle selector short circuit) might necessitate professional help. Make sure to reach out to a certified Unimac technician for these specific glitches.

Regular maintenance and prompt attention to error codes can ensure longer life for your Unimac Dryer. Always remember to promptly respond when your dryer communicates an issue as an error code!


The Unimac Dryer Error Codes, though seemingly daunting, are just your appliance’s unique method of voicing its problems. With a bit of basic understanding and some handiwork, your laundry days can still go on uninterrupted and stress-free. A word of prevention, always ensure to clean the lint trap, maintain optimum load levels and provide regular servicing to minimize error-code appearances. Happy laundry processing!

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