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Valorant Secure Boot Error-How to fix?

In the dynamic world of gaming, where a plethora of games fight for attention, Riot Games’ Valorant stands tall. With its competitive gaming scene and immersive gameplay, Valorant has wriggled its way into the hearts of gamers worldwide. However, like any well-crafted piece of software, it is not without its quirks. One problem that has been a persistent thorn in the side of users is the Valorant Secure Boot error. Despite the error being largely elusive and daunting, it can be fixed with a couple of tweaks and a little patience.

Understanding the Valorant Secure Boot Error

The Valorant Secure Boot error is a persistent issue that many gamers face. While diving into a game of Valorant, the error tends to pop up and crash the game, dampening the immersive gaming experience. It stems from issues related to the PC’s Secure Boot feature, which checks the bootloader’s signature. If this verification fails, Secure Boot flags it as an error, leading to the Valorant Secure Boot error.

Fixing the Valorant Secure Boot Error

Fixing the Valorant Secure Boot error involves delving into the BIOS settings in your PC. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to solve this problem.

First, you need to Restart your PC and press F2 or Delete to access the BIOS settings as the computer restarts. Once inside the BIOS menu, navigate to the Boot tab using your arrow keys. Seek out the Secure Boot option and Disable it. After modifying the settings, Save and Exit the BIOS menu.

Upon following these steps, your Valorant Secure Boot error should be eradicated. However, be warned, these changes might pose a potential security threat to your PC as Secure Boot is a crucial line of defense against low-level threats.

Other Potential Fixes

Updating your PC’s BIOS Firmware: Sometimes, updating your BIOS could potentially resolve the Valorant Secure Boot Error. It’s critical to exercise caution when performing this action as mishandling BIOS could make your PC unbootable.

Verification of Game Files: Gamers experiencing the Valorant Secure Boot error could try to verify their game files or even reinstall the game. This error could potentially stem from a corrupted game file, and verifying or reinstalling the game could resolve the issue.

Is it a Riot Problem?

Evidently, Riot Games is aware of the persistent Valorant Secure Boot error. They have ensured their user base that their development team is probing into the root cause of this issue. However, until a permanent developer-side solution is found, players are left to resort to workarounds, such as disabling Secure Boot, to continue enjoying their favorite online shooter game.

The Takeaway

Essentially, the Valorant Secure Boot error, though infuriating, can be fixed with a little technological know-how. As the gaming scene awaits Riot Games to provide a developer-side solution, the workarounds can prove effective. Regardless, gamers worldwide continue to battle it out in Valorant, unfazed by sporadic software hiccups, further testifying to the game’s irresistible appeal.

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