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Blink cameras not working-how to fix?

Blink Home Security Cameras have earned a name for themselves in the market with their easy to set up, wireless affordable security solutions. At times, like with any technical device, they might run into problems and stop working. Rest assured, these issues are generally quite simple to resolve and before you shell out money for professional help, let’s look at some common problems and how you can fix them yourself.

The most common issue encountered by Blink camera users is the camera not recording or detecting motion. This might be due to several factors such as improper positioning of the camera, dead batteries, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, or the sensitivity level being set too low.

Improper positioning can be fixed by adjusting the camera’s angle or location to a place from where motion can be easily detected. Dead batteries can be detected using your Blink app, which indicates the battery level. You can replace the batteries with new, high-quality ones to fix it. Wi-Fi connectivity problems include the router being too far away, interference from other devices, or network overload. You can fix this by moving the router closer, removing probable sources of interference, or linking the camera to a less congested network. And lastly, if the sensitivity level is too low, access your Blink app’s settings and adjust it.

The Live View feature allows you to view a real-time feed from your camera using the Blink app. If your Live View is not operational, it’s usually due to issues like poor Internet connection, firewall settings, or battery issues.

Make sure your Wi-Fi network is stable and has a decent bandwidth strength. The Blink camera requires a minimum of 2 Mbps upload speed at the camera location for optimal operation. Check your firewalls, too, as they can block the outgoing traffic from your Blink camera. If you have identified firewall settings as the issue, you might need to tweak them to allow outgoing traffic from your Blink camera or place your camera in the DMZ. Lastly, fields of view and frequent movement could drain the battery faster than expected. Make sure the batteries are in good condition.

If your Blink camera is not syncing with the sync module or your Wi-Fi network, it’s likely due to a weak Wi-Fi signal or the camera being too far from the sync module.

Examine the modem and router first. Restarting your Wi-Fi equipment can help resolve minor network issues. Move your router closer to the Blink camera or vice versa. Also, make sure the Blink camera is within the range of 100 feet from the Sync Module.

Night vision can fail if there’s a potential hardware issue or if the infrared lights are not working. If you suspect a hardware problem, reset your camera to its factory settings. If the issue persists after the reset, then it might be time to contact Blink support.

In conclusion, while technology can give us pause, the majority of issues concerning Blink cameras not working have quite straightforward solutions and can be easily fixed, allowing users to restore the security they wish for. It is always recommended to refer to Blink’s official troubleshooting guides or contact their customer support for accurate technical assistance.

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